For a plug and play stand-alone or closed circuit of hydroponic grow beds, WaterFarm was designed to be the new era of hydroponic home growing for the average American concerned about the quality of fresh produce and the ecological footprints caused in transportation.

When we think of the future, we think of the availability of clean, organic and most importantly, fresh vegetable foods; hydroponics, offers itself as a solution that makes sense.

Just think, a fresh salad everyday, with fresh tomatoes and fresh lettuce. Just imagine what that would do to your quality of life, not to mention the appeal it will create with visitors as they question and ask about the fascinating realm of hydroponics, that until recently was a mystery to most. streaming Get Out movie

Condensing your grow area into a nutrition-filled solution and using the advantages behind square foot gardening, you can grow anything that you would be able to grow in soil, but faster and without the parasites that thrive in soils, providing a far better yield than if the conventional amount of space were being used for soil beds.

WaterFarm makes use of its self-contained system and will easily hook up to a larger circuit if necessary, making it possible to add-on to your year round garden as much or as little as your familys needs demand.

The One foot by one foot, square design with hydroponic catchment system underneath and grow bed above with gravity drip system WaterFarm is simple, easy and fun to put together, for those looking to get an advantage on the grow season all year round, right in the comfort of ones own home.

This plug and play system is a General Hydroponics product that measures one foot by one foot, ships at 16 pounds and is a complete set including a four gallon reservoir, two gallon growing chamber, pumping column, column support tube, drip ring, half inch grommet, drain level tube, Elite 800 air pump 9L Hydroton and three part Flora Kit.

WaterFarm was designed for the average American home owner, concerned about the environment and the quality of fresh produce, allowing anyone to take the worlds future, into their own hands, right now.


Posted in Planters by admin on February 10, 2008.

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