Vinyl Sheds

Why Vinyl Sheds Are So Popular

The vinyl shed is a product of todays fast paced society which tends to not have time for care and maintenance.

Vinyl sheds have everything going for them and these sheds will tend to have a huge advantage over itsí wooden and metal counterpart. Vinyl may lack the beauty of wood, but the impact of this has been lessened by the introduction of many Vinyl sidings that mimic certain types of wood finishes

Those who know just how costly and time-consuming a regular coat of paint can be are usually ecstatic at the maintenance-free characteristics of Vinyl outdoor storage sheds.

What is more Vinyl will not rot or flake. Coupled with the reasonable cost, it is not surprising that Vinyl has become the most popular siding material in the United States.

However Vinyl has a number of disadvantages that you will need to carefully consider. Top on the list are health concerns associated with this popular storage shed material. Vinyl is manufactured from PVC (polyvinyl chloride) plastic resin, which causes cancer. Its manufacture and disposal is also widely believed to be hazardous to the environment. High incidences of neurological problems, respiratory diseases, liver and kidney failure, as well as birth defects and cancer are being reported among people who live near Vinyl factories.

In case of any accidental fire, they will tend to be much more dangerous if they occur in a Vinyl shed. This is because vinyl emits toxic fumes when it is heated.

Secondly even the durability quality of Vinyl has itsí downside. Because Vinyl sheds last a long time, mainly due to the permanent nature of vinyl, it is much more difficult to dispose of this material safely. Even more interesting is the fact that under extreme weather conditions, Vinyl actually ends up being less durable than wood or metal. Violent wind has been known to get underneath the thin sheets of vinyl siding. Lifting panels from the wall. And what is more, when struck by something heavy like a lawnmower, Vinyl can crack or break. Unfortunately this kind of damage cannot be prepared like with metal and wooden sheds. The whole panel will have to be replaced.

Thirdly unlike wooden sheds Vinyl will require more energy to keep warm or to cool because Vinyl does not provide significant insulation.

Despite these disadvantages Vinyl has got many advantages and improvements are being made all the time that are quickly eliminating the negative aspects.

One of the huge attractions of Vinyl siding is that there are more colors than ever before now available. The new Vinyl siding material does not fade as quickly as the old Vinyl used to do. Another plus is in the fact that the pigmentation is usually baked through instead of just applied on the surface. The result is that Vinyl will usually not show scratches.

Secondly if you go for high quality Vinyl, the siding is fully capable of fooling the eye and can resemble wood so closely that nobody can tell the difference.

Actually as the quality and variety of vinyl keeps on improving, further acceptance is also growing rapidly. For most new constructions Vinyl is actually becoming the norm.

Little wonder that this material is also the most popular and widely used for outdoor storage sheds.