Traditional Persian Rug

The Myth of the Persian Rug

Aeons ago, in the days of the Ancient Persian Empire, the first rugs were weaved of knots made from wool and cotton.

More than 3,500 years before Christ was born, when the world was still walked by the Fae and the Djinn; creatures of folk tales, myth and magic…

It was in this time that instead of sleeping upon the sand as peasants would, the first despotic kings of Persia began to sleep upon rugs.

Many a merchant also desired such novelties; until little under two generations, this had become a widespread invention that was accessible to even the lowliest of slaves for at that time it was permitted that slaves had possessions.

The competition to weave ever more beautiful and elaborate designs and patterns into Persian rugs, soon took hold of the entire Empire, until such lavishness and art work had never before been seen on earth.

It is said that the ferries had found this human form of art so intriguing, that naturally they had to contribute their own magical talents in some way.

It was by the eldest son of three, Prince Houssain, the wisest child of the Sultan (of what today is called Baghdad), the first Magic Rug was obtained.

He was not in his home city of Baghdad, but far off in a distant land, traveling in search of the greatest present he could find to gift his father that he may win the hand of his young and beautiful niece; who was equally sought after by his two younger brothers.

This Persian rug he obtained possessed the power to take a traveler upon it to any destination that he so wished instantly; but also held other, more spiritual powers as well.

By staring into the geometric designs and shapes of the artwork of what appeared to be an ordinary rug of little value, the travelers mind, could distance itself from the body, giving the user an ethereal formthat would take them into the realm of fae and djinn or travel the earth in search of knowledge and secrets that only the ferries could obtain.

Whoever possessed the magic rug, could become even the most powerful of creatures in the realm of Fae, through this ethereal form as well; creating entire worlds and kingdoms as vast and as infinite as their own human imaginations could possiblybe.

Any individual who might by chance sleep upon the magic carpet achieved this same ethereal effect automatically!

Houssain gave the rug to his father, but in the end, did not marry his niece, for it was instead his second brother, Ali, the one who would finally win her heart.

Instead, he went on to become a Dervish priest, of the holy order, renouncing his status as a prince and at the same moment, all worldly things.

Houssain in time became so powerful in spiritual ways that he could enter this ethereal body without the use of the rug, which lay unused, in his fathers museum.

Houssain could enter the realm of fae and djinn in anyplace, sitting down or lying as he wished, below a waterfall or even in the deepest snow, traveling great distances instantly with nothing but the power of his own mind.

His power was so great that while in the ethereal form, Houssain could even cause his body to radiate such heat that the snow would melt into bubbling pools of steaming water around him.

Houssain wenton to teach other Dervish, this secret of the Fae that he had learned with the first Magic Rug, but the rug itself was forgotten in the palace of his family, until a new dynasty overthrew them, hundreds of years later when the rug was then given to a poor soldier as his part in the spoils of war.

Down the generations, and from merchant to merchant, Houssains magic rug was lost and upon occasion, found, by pets, slaves and even children that might on occasion fall asleep upon it, as a child makes little distinction of wealth, but rather simply sleeping when tired.

So if you by chance, find before you a Persian rug that seemingly appears common or unworthy, yet, of Persian descent, it just may be more valuable than you know, there would then be only one way to find out its true worth…obtaining one yourself.

This machine woven, soil/stain/fade resistant Traditional Area Rug (Red) is made of 100% Polypropylene and measures 7’8″x10’5″; a direct descendant of Houssains Magic Rug. -Mário Lopez

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