Sneakier Uses for Everyday Things

Sneakier Uses for Everyday Things is a creative summer projects book with fun and educational activities for children, especially boys that enjoy making creative use of common items as well as gizmos and gadgets.

Teaching children to develop their creative ration sounds like a job for the schools and the board of education, but when we take kids home for the summer, does that mean their education is going to stop?

Of course not, because there is a little McGuiver hiding inside every kid (even little girls), and what better way to bring creative ways of thinking about the world, than with a little ingenuity?

Sneakier Uses for Everyday Things is a book that does just that while enchanting our imaginations AND challenging our speed of thought more than any creative writing or math assignment through fun gadgets and gizmos that will make this summer unforgettable.

This 160-page paperback, written by Cy Tymony, published by Andrews McMeel in October of 2005, measures 6.8 x 4.9 x 0.4 and ships at 8 ounces.

Little boys just love watching McGuiver shows and James Bond movies, and for those young fathers and grandfathers with curious boys that love to mess around with gizmos and gadgets, this bookis filled with activities that could fill a summer vacation with learning and creativity.


Posted in Books by admin on March 26, 2008.

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