Silver Seeker Metal Detector

Silver Seeker (SS1) is a user-friendly metal detector for any weather condition, easily detecting precious metals like silver and gold buried up to two feet deep.

It was once upon a time that Black Beard the pirate ravaged the waters of the Caribbean upon the decks of the Queen Anne’s Revenge, a fast and sleek slave ship commandeered for the purpose of the pirating trade, but quarter was given to those ships that surrendered and a code of honor was set forth.

Where did he hide his treasure? Did his crew spend it all? Did they simply die in the pursuit of even more bloodshed after going into retirement for so many months only to die in a hopeless battle among the inlets of Ocracoke Island NC, flat broke?

Or is there still hidden treasure below the sands of our very shores? Chests of bloodstained and stolen Spanish coin? Pearls and Jewels?

No one knows for sure where these reckless souls may have stored their wealth if even they ever did see such riches, but in truth, the real fascination with searching for buried treasure is in the excitement of searching, not the find itself.

It need not cost us years of archeological research, nor many days perhaps even months of studying navigational charts or maps to go on a treasure hunt, each find has a story, and the story itself is worth every second of anticipation, every moment of that adventure.

This professional metal detector by Bounty Hunter, detects up to two feet deep, the waterproof search coil will submerge seven inches underwater, even saltwater.

It has two audio tones, discriminates between useless metals and precious ones as well as paperclips and coins or even different kinds of precious metals.

When we look for lost pirate treasure in the sands of North Carolina or across the stretches of old gold mining ghost towns in the far west this summer, a metal detector can really set the mood for adventure and story.

This metal detector is easily settable to certain frequencies for terrain that comes with mixed mineral traces, has a headphone jack for private listening, requires two nine volt alkaline batteries, measures 20.5 x 6 x 9 and ships at 1 lb.

Silver Seeker metal detector is the perfect tool for fun in the sun, even if all we find are old chains and anchors, or fools gold, the fun is not just in what could have been found but also the story each and every find has to tell, be it an old piece of rigging or pickaxe, arg!


Posted in Outdoor Sports by admin on March 27, 2008.

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