Sanyo Electric Rice Cooker

This Electric Rice Cooker and Steamer by Sanyo will cook up to ten cups of Japanese rice as well as any other kind of rice, it has a slow cook function especially for soups, stews, porridge and fresh vegetables (w/steamer); keeping food warm automatically after cooking.

This white electric rice cooker and steamer (model number ECJ-N100W) by Sanyo has one touch controls, a porridge lid (to prevent boiling over) and a slow cooking function that is easy to use (detailed instruction manual included).

This model comes with two menu selections for cooking foods, steam tray, non-stick inner pot, removable steam vent/dew collector, convenient carrying handle, measuring cup, non-stick spatula, spatula holder and multi-language instructions.

This particular model is the traditional addition to any Japanese kitchen, from a Japanese company with an eye for excellence, looking to make the world a better place with energy saving ideas in even our American kitchens.

Like all products made by Sanyo, this electric rice cooker was made with the commitment to becoming an indispensable element in the lives of household kitchens all over the world.

Products that create harmony between the people and the environment are key to the Sanyo corporate philosophy and one of its main priorities along with customer satisfaction.

Products like this Sanyo Electric Rice Cooker offer a more enjoyable life, through digital technology, core competence and the impact of cooking in a more energy efficient and healthy way.

This Sanyo electric rice cooker is not only an easy way to make rice, vegetables, soups and porridges, but a more energy efficient one that can help save our nations energy in a time of much need


Posted in Kitchen Gadgets by admin on May 19, 2007.

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