SafeGrasp Gardening Gloves

For me “gardening” is only one part of what I do in my yard so when I purchase gardening gloves I want them to be rugged enough to complete multiple tasks. Enter GardenArmor™ 225 Garden Gloves by SafeGrasp™. I contacted SafeGrasp™ to asked them about their interesting new gloves and they kindly sent me a sample pair to try out, so here is my review.

GardenArmor™ Garden Gloves come nicely boxed with a brochure and a tube that warns you to be careful and have the gloves on before opening it. What was in the tube? Barbed wire! That’s right, SafeGrasp™ is confident enough of these gloves puncture protection that they ask you to grasp barbed wire to prove their strength. Sure enough, they are in fact puncture proof and will be perfect for my rose bushes and clearing brush.

Gardening Glove Info.

  • Puncture Protection – Micro-sized guard plates (a super hard resin) are integrated into a flexible fabric base making these gloves soft but puncture proof.
  • Cut Protection – The micro-sized patented plates (developed by HDM, Inc.) also gives these gardening gloves their cut protection.
  • Stain Resistance – SafeGrasp™ gloves are machine washable (nice!).
  • Unisex sizes – small, medium, large, x-large, and xx-large.
  • Colors – Sage (light green) or Kelly (darker green)
  • I have average size male hands and the large sized gloves were a little loose but not uncomfortably so, if you like a more snug fit go with one size smaller. They have womens GardenArmor™ 250w Leather Gloves that offer puncture and cut protection but in a more traditional style. If you are simply interested in getting a set of gloves specifically for rose and other thorny bushes you could try the ThornArmor™ 235 Gloves.

    What ever garden gloves you choose you will surely have purchased a set that will last more than one season. An outstanding product and I am not just saying so because I got a free pair!