Mosquito Magnet Liberty Plus

Mosquito Magnet Liberty Plus offers a cost effective alternative to reducing the neighboring blood thirsty insect population by one hundred percent within a whole acre around the trap itself.download full movie L.A. Burning

Mosquito Magnet Liberty Plus uses the same quality technology that has made mosquito magnet such an interesting product, with the exception that the plus is a more cost effective design, using no more than some U$10 to U$12 dollars per month on propane fuel.

Propane is converted into CO2 with the use of a catalyst converter while Mosquito Magnet Liberty Plus has a hybrid energy supply system that makes it totally sustainable during a 21 day period, in which the propane must be filled, yet again.

Mosquito Magnet Liberty Plus uses an industrial grade solar panel that holds up well against the elements, and is made from furniture grade plastics creating a weather-resistant product.

NiHM rechargeable batteries, optional 12 volt system for use with the car battery, optional 50 foot extension cord that runs off of 8 amps/110 volts and octenol cartridges to attract reproducing female insects looking for blood are all a part of the intricate strategy to reduce mosquito population anywhere Mosquito Magnet Liberty Plus is found.

Mosquito Magnet Liberty Plus is an excellent option to save those beneficial insects, such as bees, fireflies, dragonflies, beetles, ladybugs, moths and butterflies from being trapped, as it only attracts those insects that are in search of blood for reproduction.

Bitting midges, biting gnats, black flies, sand flies, mosquitoes and even punkies are all prime prey for the Mosquito Magnet Liberty Plus.

Mosquito Magnet Liberty Plus will rid the area within one whole acre of the nuisance that blood thirsty mosquitoes propose, replenishing the wild with beneficial insects, targeting more clearly and efficiently.

Mosquito Magnet Liberty Plus is more reach for a wider range of defense against harmful insects, and freedom for humans to regain the great outdoors, either for fishing and camping in the woods or just lounging around the farm or backyard.


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