Mosquito Magnet Defender

When thinking of keeping the home free of unwanted blood-sucking insects, it would be difficult to imagine a better technology than Mosquito Magnet Defender specifically designed to work in an environmentally friendly way.

We all love the skill and grace of the illusionists of the sky, the beautiful dragonflies, Mother Natures ordained defenders against the ongoing growth of the mosquito population.

What a better way to protect this endangered species near our homes and open urban spaces than with the Mosquito Magnet Defender?

This ally against the deadly mosquito and other biting insects, will protect the dragonfly population near your home, helping to work on all fronts of this ongoing battlefield.

Mosquito Magnet Defender has a few different models, including the 4000MM series, which is more popular for its aesthetic and sleek new look.

Easily assembled in three simple steps, Mosquito Magnet Defender uses a fifty foot extension cord that is easily buried and a natural gas tank filled with CO2 to mimic human exhaling, the main factor in attracting mosquitoes viagra 20mg.

There is little maintenance on Mosquito Magnet Defender; just the occasional emptying of the net and ever 21 days, refilling the CO2 tank.

At 25 inches by 18 inches by 33 inches, Mosquito Magnet Defender can cover up to half an acres worth of safe area, beyond this, it is only no more than the occasional mosquito trap.

Consuming as little as a 12 volt battery could afford, Mosquito Magnet Defender is a remarkable piece of equipment, that takes mother natures own defense system into order, creating a powerful trap for the surround area.

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