Mens Sun Shirt

Mens Sun Shirt is UV sun protective, with the highest possible rating, UPF 50+ developed with a double sided mesh that is easy to wash, breathable, lightweight and quick drying.

Comfortable softness that keeps the wearer dry with a double-sided mesh of Activex (wicking stretch fabric designed for outdoor activities providing 98% effectiveness against the suns harmful rays.

Running, golfing, rowing, hiking, cycling or even sailing; any activity where your body exerts extra energy, NoZones Mens Sun Shirt can really make a difference, keeping both the body temperature down and the skin well protected.

Stylish designs and protective fabric in one design that comes with a hands-on approach that ensures only the finest quality materials, NoZone has one eye on the future and one eye in what works today.

From the zipper chosen to the quality of elasticized threads, the sewing team has state-of-the-art machines with a four-thread stitching method that can make all products virtually indestructible.

Available in small, medium, large, X-Large, XX-large and in a variety of colors including black, white gold and navy royal Mens Sun Shirts from NoZone make the perfect item for places as extreme as Death Valley, the Sahara and the Mongolian desert or as peaceful as your own garden.

Mens Sun Shirts stop those powerful UV rays protecting your well-being as well as your skin, out on the dunes.


Posted in Sun Shirts by admin on May 13, 2007.

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