Japanese Red Maple Bonsai

Here is a Japanese Red Maple Bonsai, a miniature maple tree that has been professionally shaped from the time of its birth to enhance your home, garden or office and provide the novice Bonsai enthusiast a healthy beginning.

Starting this hobby can be a lot easier with a Bonsai that has already been started; like this Japanese Red Maple that was carefully grown in a controlled environment in China for five years and allowed to grow from 12 to 16 inches tall.

Brussels Bonsai Nursery has been selling bonsais in the mail since the 1970s, and has been traveling professionally to Asia since as early as 1980, with more than 20 years of international experience in the field, Brussels brings you this Japanese Red Maple as an excellent choice for the American Bonsai Master in training.

The large trunk base, balanced root spread, evenly tapered trunk with brilliant summer leaves and paler red fall leaves, this outdoor deciduous bonsai makes a great gift and ships for only 7 pounds.

A Japanese Red Maple Bonsai is a look at the world in miniature, a place where the senses coalesce into a moment of Zen-Buddhism, blending the artificial with natural, into a single blue ceramic pot that is simplistic, yet conceptually ideal in all its aesthetic beauty.

The box may ship with packing peanuts only in the event of unusually shaped bonsai, but on the whole, some defoliating may occur.Watch movie online The Transporter Refueled (2015)

So, as soon as you receive your tiny blue-potted maple, be sure to remove it from the box in a shaded location, this will keep it from experiencing climate shock.

Japanese Red Maple BonsaiSlowly, inspect for damage to the branches or trunk, water if wet and keep in the shade for at least a week or two before allowing it back into full sunlight, as they are very sensitive and will react badly to harsh environment changes.

If this is to be a gift, you may want to send it to yourself first, then take it to its new owner after it has fully adapted to the new climate, this will ensure that it stays healthy and fills with enchanting red leaves next summer.

This Japanese Red Maple is the perfect outdoor bonsai tree for your watergarden, kitchen, patio or relaxation gazebo, fulfilling a philosophical role that will be felt by those who visit you before it is even seen with the human eye.

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