Italian Herb Garden Planter

This Italian Herb Garden Planter is a neat little starter kit for those interested in growing their own herbs at home for a more sustainable home using easy to manage Basil, Chives and Oregano, but will hold virtually any other herbs you might prefer.

The history of herbs in Italy is a long one, dating back to Ancient times, in cultures and civilizations that lived in city states, each with its own style of cooking (as Italy unified only in 1861) such as Greek, Roman, Goth, Norman, Frank, Gallic, Germanic, Turkish, Chinese, Arab, Slavic and Hebrew, this miniature window garden reflects those cultures with the use of three robust and basic Italian Herbs; Basil, Chives and Oregano.

Measuring 5 x 6 x 6 and shipping at only 1 pound this is an excellent addition to your kitchen window, complete with Terra Cotta Planter, full growing instructions, recipe book, premium seeds from all three species and peat pellets.

Italian Herb Garden PlanterThis mini Italian Herb Garden Planter for your windowsill, gives you a perspective on the origins of Italian herbs and a feeling for Italian Cuisine that is unlike going to the store to simply purchase what you need.

The beauty in this Italian Herb Garden Planter is feeling it first hand and provides the first time herb grower a hint of what it really means to grow-it-yourself, in a world that is becoming ever more self-reliant, for a tomorrow that remembers its great past, today.

Cooking With Herbs In An Italian Kitchen by Deborah Mele


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