Hydroponic Starter Kit

Emily’s Garden is a hydroponic starter kit for those looking for a small-scale sustainable hobby to display around the house or office.

Nothing says I want to go green better than a hydroponic setup in the kitchen windowsill or in the office, because this technology is on the forefront of a more sustainable lifestyle because food is something everyone in the world needs to survive.

Hydroponics are new to a lot of people, and as it is traditionally one of those purely do-it-yourself alternatives that we read about in popular mechanics, few people have actually taken the steps to get one at home.

Emilys Garden makes an excellent gift for those without the time or knowledge to go DIY, but still find themselves interested in hydroponics enough to already get started with no fuss.

When we think about the world of tomorrow, and we are reminded of how so many people of the world have so little, we must look to educational alternatives that may make a difference in the lives of the children yet to come, and by simply owning a small hydroponic system like this one, people will ask, and thus, people will learn.

This hydroponic starter kit manufactured by Hydrofarm, has six grow beds(measuring 6 x 6 x 7each), a two gallon reservoir, nutrient rich solution, seed starter cubes, nutrient pH testing kit, pH phentermine neutral clay aggregate, air pump, tubing, formed cover, water level indicator, illustrated instructions, it measures 16 x 24 x 6, sits easily on a bench, shelf, table or patio and ships at 26 pounds .

Emilys Garden is a great hydroponic starter kit for those looking to make a difference for the future, starting now, by making the effort to show how far alternative methods can take us toward a more sustainable reality, with technology that virtually takes care of itself, just add nutrients, water, seeds and harvest regularly.



Posted in Planters by admin on January 16, 2008.

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