Hydroponic Grow System

Power Grower is a professional hydroponic grow system, designed in a hexagonal drip system in order to maximize growbed area in a fashionable way; available as a stand-alone version as well as in a modular version (for expansive hydroponic gardens).

Being self-reliant and having your own indoor hydroponic garden with fresh fruits and vegetables all year round can really make the difference.

Or perhaps you are just looking to be certain that your yields will be free of harmful bacteria and diseases that can thrive in solids.

A single head of lettuce takes only 30 days to grow hydroponically, so if a single power grower will hold three or four heads of lettuce, then six or seven modules would be enough to have a fresh head of lettuce every day of the month!download film Star Wars: The Force Awakens

A group of seven modules would only occupy four feet across. And the potential surrounding the area of hydroponics as a locally grown, healthier food source, make systems like the Power Grower very attractive to the next generation of self-reliant Americans.

Included are a 5.7-gallon reservoir, 3-gallon growing chamber, pumping column, support tube, drip ring, ½ grommet, drain level tube, elite 800 air pump, 9L clay pebbles and 3-part flora kit, it measures 15 x 15 x 15, ships at 22 pounds and made by General Hydroponics.

Have your very own hydroponic Power Grower systemat home, starting with a single unit that can be expanded with up to seven modules that fit neatly together only four feet by four feet, and provide your family with a plentiful supply of healthier, fresher foods from your very own kitchen garden for a more modern age.

Power Grower is a hexagonal hydroponic drip system providing your home with a more sustainable technology that takes the backbreaking work out of basic human needs, and the fun back in!


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