Homemade Christmas Ornaments

Hanging Christmas ornaments is a major part of Christmas tradition. Finding unique homemade ornaments in gift shops, flea markets and online is also a popular holiday pastime of many people around the world. In my travels I met Staci from All That Glitters and Glistens who makes beautiful, intricate Christmas ornaments. Her ornaments are quilted with layers of shimmering ribbons that sparkle with an old style Victorian flair.

A brief history of the Christmas ornament

To know the history of Christmas ornaments one must go all the way back to ancient Germany, study pagan ritual and tree cults that celebrated the renewal of life. With the spread of Christianity this German ritual eventually transformed into making Christmas pyramids and then to decorating fir trees. We must credit the Germans for their export of glass ornaments as well as acknowledge the ancient celebration of life. Plants that remain green in winter have been cherished and decorated probably even further back than record can provide but let’s not spoil the mystery of Christmas.
Popular Types of Christmas Ornaments

Glass Christmas Ornaments – Mouth blown glass ornaments have been made and exported by artisans in Germany, Poland, Austria, Italy, Russia and the Czech Republic for years. Glass ornaments are colorful and intricate and should be handled with care.

Felt Christmas Ornaments – Felt ornaments are popular homemade decorations, felt can be cut to look like Christmas trees, cats, dogs and anything else your can think of.

Personalized Christmas Ornaments – You often find people at craft fairs offering personalized ornaments to give as gifts to friends and family during the holiday season. A personalized ornament usually has a name embroidered, sewn or printed on it.

Beaded Christmas Ornaments – For those who enjoy beads a beaded ornament is a nice Christmas gift.

Homemade Christmas Ornaments – These ornaments are often made by folks to celebrtate the holidays, you can find ideas for making your own in crafts stores and books. If you are not crafty you can purchase homemade ornaments from a crafts person and support their art at the same time.