Holiday scents

Holiday scents bring coziness to the season. The smell of eggnog, the fresh scent of pine and cinnamon certainly brings back childhood memories and a warm fuzzy feeling.

Grandma knew a little secret when she baked those cinnamon and sugar cookies during the holiday season. She got how that intoxicating scent would bring everyone to the house for that old-fashioned family holiday get-together.

In these days of the hustle and bustle, Grandmas home baked cookies are uncommon treats. But you can recreate that warm ambiance in your own home by simply burning a seasonal scented candle.

However, not all candles are created equal. The smell in Grandmas House is a natural byproduct of her baking cookies. Many candles on the market are not as natural using synthetic chemicals to create the fragrance. These synthetic fragrances go through the nose directly to the brain. Candles with artificial scents are cheaper to produce than the natural candles made with essential oils.

Why breathe in synthetic chemicals when you dont have to? There are other candles on the market that are natural and more nature friendly.

Cost can be a factor for choosing the artificially scented candles over the natural ones. A company called WholeMade Natural Lifestyle Products offers a variety of great, healthy candles via an Amazon store this season.

But since the holiday season comes only once a year, its worth a small splurge to get your home or the home of those you love that perfect Grandmas House scent without the risk from artificial chemicals.

Scents typically associated with the holiday season include: warming cinnamon and cloves, fresh pine and peppermint, and mouthwatering sinfully rich cookies.

You can find natural candles scented with essential oils made with either bees wax or soybean wax online. Here are some craftspeople on eBay trying to start a soy candle business, support what they do.


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