Hanging Tomato Basket

This hanging tomato basket is a do-it-yourself mini-garden that looks great on the patio or porch; just plant the seeds in the wire basket, water and let it thrive.

Everyone enjoys such concepts as verticalized gardens, suspended gardens and more sustainable practices such as home gardening, but how often do you see them in an aesthetic fashion that will provoke comments from your visitors?

The ten-inch wire basket weighs as little as two pounds and comes with a chain, natural moss liner, potting soil and seed packets.

This is a self-contained mini-garden, no weeding, no kneeling, no mulching, nothing that would effect a ground based tomato plant, like your pet rabbit, because it is suspended in the air, making watering a snap.

A hanging tomato basket is beautiful, useful, easy to water, grows on its own and will produce lovely tomatoes that will flourish season after season.Watch movie online The Transporter Refueled (2015)

Have your own mini-garden just outside the kitchen with a hanging tomato basket that allows you to grow and pick your very own tomatoes without all the weeding and kneeling of garden work; making life just that much more sustainable, for a better and greener tomorrow.

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Posted in Planters by admin on June 12, 2007.

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