Handmade Christmas Stockings

Homemade and Handmade Christmas Stockings

The Christmas stocking is an important part of holiday cheer. You can purchase personalized Christmas stockings at stores but why not buy a stocking from a crafts person or find a free pattern and make your own homemade Christmas stocking?

A Brief History of the Christmas stocking

The Christmas stocking is a major part of holiday celebration and tradition. The most well known story of the practice of hanging up stockings is said to have originated with St. Nicholas. While trying to help out a poor man who needed a dowry for his daughter, he is said to have tossed a bag of gold through the man’s window. The bag landed in a young lady’s stockings that had been hung up to dry. Others believe the practice of hanging stockings started during the 16th Century in Holland. Children would leave their shoes outside to be filled with toys from Sinterklaas. Over the years, the shoes (clogs) were replaced with Christmas stockings but who really cares to know the mystery behind the magic of Christmas anyhow.

Types of Christmas Stockings

Handmade Christmas Stockings These are the stockings that are most cherished within a family. There is nothing more enjoyable than making or receiving a handmade Christmas stocking from a friend or family member. Handmade Christmas stockings can be knitted, cross stitched, crocheted, embroidered, quilted and made from felt or even velvet.

Personalized Christmas Stockings When I was a child we had beautifully patterned stockings that where handmade by a friend of our family and given to us as a gift. Each of our stockings had a different theme and our names were thoughtfully monogrammed on them. These types of stockings become Christmas heirlooms.

Christmas Stocking Kits For those who do not like throwing together a stocking on a whim, a stocking kit is a good choice. You can easy follow the provided instructions and make a good looking stocking with little effort. Choose a kit below!