Garden Hopper

For those of us who enjoy working out in the garden, sitting down can make all the difference, Garden Hopper by Step2 is not merely a garden stool on wheels, it is also a garden toolbox in one beautiful design.

Garden Hopper has a large easy to reach storage compartment underneath with even a place to hold a water bottle. The comfortable seat has been designed to include a molded handle for easy carrying around the yard.

The wheels are a durable yet smooth material to make rolling the garden hopper around while in a sitting position easier for those on grass or walkways.

What makes Garden Hopper so special is the ability to move from one part of the garden to another without standing up and moving the stool over.

Gardening is fun and we are always willing to pay the price in back pain for a nice looking garden, but standing, squatting, stooping and kneeling can take a toll on our bodies that is unnecessary with the use of Garden Hopper.

Garden Hopper will protect your back and make gardening so much more enjoyable with a simple solution to moving around in the garden with all your tools that allows you to care for yourself as you care for your plants

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