Friendly Robotics

Friendly Robotics® makes improvements on technology, robots have now gotten smart enough to be able to mow the lawn without supervision. Of course they all still have to be shown their limits, and where the lawn is.

And most importantly, the curious might be shunned from approaching these pre-programmed technological miracles.

2006 has brought on an onslaught of new robotic companies to get into the market as well as do-it-yourselfers with models that have in some cases even been built from scrap.

The most famous name brand in the market for this year so far has been the RoboMower® by Friendly Robotics. The versions RL850 and RL1000 are both cost effective, electric chargeable modules with total self-sustainability.

If you want something a little more style, the Automower from Husqvarna is a nice military green. Darker than the light RoboMower green, but with basically the same specs. Automowers can be found for 1,500 pounds including accessories.

But for sleek stylization, the Robots and Relax Company have developed a beautiful crimson red Lamborghini looking robot lawn mower with lithium batteries known as the Evolution. The idea is that this is the latest and coolest robot model of the year.

Fashion is what goes into price. Testing these machines by consumers is the whole step for this year, so as soon as you purchase yours be sure and write a consumer report, so other people will know what your experience has been thus far.

For 2007 more of these machines are sure to appear, but right now, they are the fever for small urban lots that need to cut down on serious CO2 pollution as well as noise. They are so quiet you can program robot lawn mowers to do the lawn at night and return to post.

Comfort, efficiency and aesthetic appeal all in one autonomous solution that is quickly revolutionizing our way of doing the lawn.

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