Food For Everyone

In Salt Lake City, Jim Kennardís Food For Everyone Foundation is trying hard to make sure the battle to fight world hunger is ongoing and self-sustainable, with the continued guerrilla marketing of Dr. Jacob R. Mettleiderís methods on the net and in the field around the world.

The Food For Everyone Foundation is the main distributor for Dr. Jacob R. Mettleiderís numerous books, online, but it is also a non-for-profit organization truly interested in helping people all over the world, including here in the United States of America achieve their very own healthy garden crops that permit food year round.

The Mittleider Method is based on Dr. Mittleiderís research and development in the area of self-sustainable gardening for impoverished and hungry nations around the world since 1964. The breakthrough in this method is not merely the simplicity of it, but the fact that Mittleider has discovered a methodology for growing in any soil at almost any altitude where food is a serious concern.

This is a very important method for those looking to get off the grid in tightly compacted urban areas, as well as those people with seriously challenges with technological development, such as impoverished and hungry third-world nations.

Basically, Dr. Mittleider discovered that soil anywhere in the world suffers from elementary challenges and advantages that can be dealt with common ways, and he travels the world in search of those villages and people in need, teaching them how to grow themselves in their own yards, no matter what conditions they find themselves facing.

Just this last month, Dr. Mittleider has traveled to his 31st country for teaching his methodology, Armenia. Initial projects are already underway and the hope of a people begins to find itself restored.

In arid and dry sand soils, where blowing winds never allow anything at all to grow, the use of raised beds in rows allows for suitable watering and easier weeding than with traditional flat cropping. By always giving the soil the proper treatment with the correct nutrients for plant survival, green house protection from the elements and enough irrigation, Mittleider has proven that even in the middle of the desert, people can have enough food to eat.

His many books are prepared for those looking to do-it-themselves on a low budget and even convince the children that it can be fun. Once you have learned the secrets to making any kind of vegetable garden you want in any climate you might find yourself in, teaching others to do the same is just as easy as taking care of crops using the Mittleider Method.

One thing is for certain, Mittleider has a serious point about world hunger; itís unnecessary. People can be taught to cultivate a forgotten and dead soil with just a little bit of preparation and even less work throughout the year, all they really need is someone to show them how, the rest they can figure out by themselves. The fact is of course, Mittleider has done something that is rare for most anyone, he has actually gone and done something, rather than just given advice or sent a check from afar.

And that is the biggest point that Jim Kennardís Food For Everyone Foundation has been trying to get across for so long. It isnít enough that we merely teach, we must actually get our hands in the soil here at home and do it ourselves if we are ever going to be a completely sustainable nation. Best of all, the Mittleider Method offers the world a way to learn, do-it-yourself and teach to others. The Mittleider Method teaches one family at a time, healthy, organically sustainable gardening practices, one family at a time.