EarthBox Garden Kit

EarthBox Garden Kit is the perfect thing for those looking to raise crops in cramped spaces, both indoors and outdoors alike, making our way of life more sustainable.

EarthBox Garden Kit was developed as a more efficient way to control soil conditions, doubling yields, eliminating guesswork, using less water, less fertilizer and less over all maintenance.

Commercial farmers looking to raise healthier vegetables, flowers and herbs, developed the Earth Box Garden Kit, tried it, tested it in the laboratory and discovered that with smaller, portable boxes that store their own water underground, the fertilizer can be equally distributed throughout the crop naturally.

EarthBox uses a thin layer of black plastic tarping as a lid that doubly serves as mulch and automatically condensates escaping water vapor back down onto the soil, conserving both water and the growing season by protecting the plants from the wind while capturing the warmth from the sun.

EarthBox Garden Kit never gets too full, as the roots will always search out the water they need, and leach out the fertilizer directly from the reservoir instead of from around the roots.

If wheels are used to move EarthBox around from inside the house at night and outside during the day when the sun is shining, you can plant earlier and harvest later, doubling yields!

For people who want to plant their own herbs, vegetables and flowers right at home for a more sustainable way of life, eating from ones own garden, but find their spaces limited, EarthBox Garden Kit could be just the solution you have been looking for, allowing you to get twice the food from half the traditional space.

Measuring 30 x 15 x 12 inches and shipping at 10 lbs, EarthBox Garden Kit makes planting a complete and simple experience that only needs to be done once a season, only adding water on occasion.

EarthBox Garden Kit is perfect for educating children, novice gardeners and anyone looking to have a do-it-yourself sustainable garden for themselves and the whole family, right at home.

Earthbox Instructions
Make your own Earth Box
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