Earth Shoes

Earth shoes use Kalso Negative Heel technology and environmentally sound business ethic to provide both a more environmentally friendly product as well as a more culturally sustainable environment for its employees.

Healthier for the person wearing them and healthier for those who actually make them; Earth shoes improve the quality of life of everyone they touch without harming innocent animals for their leather.

Earth shoes are made with environmentally responsible methods and are themselves a more responsible product for a more responsible tomorrow, using Kalso Negative Heel technology that appeals to a healthier community.

Manufactured in China, Earth takes it upon themselves to maintain factory standards as high as those in the USA, providing a model environment that is culturally and financially more sustainable for its employees.

Earth works just as hard to improve the quality of life of its employees as it does its clients, taking environmental responsibility to a more demanding level.

The Kalso Negative Heel technology that Earth uses and its various shoe lines are not only healthier, but also, do not harm animals in any way, catering to lacto-vegetarian and Vedic philosophies.

Earth shoes are a high-tech product that uses modern science and chemistry to improve our quality of life, building endurance with minimal effort, correcting posture, eliminating back pain, burning more calories by walking inclined 3.7, gently stimulating and exercising muscles as well as aiding in our natural walking motion.

The secret to Earth shoes are the Kalso soles. The Kalso-Lite for example is more lightweight, more flexible than the traditional model (which simulates a treadmill sensation), promoting dynamic health benefits.

So if you are looking to buy shoes that protest the needless sacrifice of innocent animals for their hides, promote their manufactures quality of life and will also, burn calories, correct posture, build endurance and stimulate your muscles naturally; Earth Shoes are the most competitive and ideal choice available on the market since they were founded more than 30 years ago.

Earth Shoes take it upon themselves to promote the protection of all forms of life, including yours.


Posted in Outdoor Sports by admin on May 28, 2007.

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