Build a ship in a bottle

When building your own ship in a bottle, you will wish to take great care in researching the model you intend to build, and this book comes with deep historical insight into each one of the ships, their rigging, their colors, the flags and arms that were displayed while she sailed.

But getting the ships details right is not as important as actually knowing the details and stories that really make a model come to life in the imagination of those who look into the depths of a bottle.

Ships in Bottles is a book that shows step by step with five different projects, how to build the legendary hand-made ship in a bottle, one project more difficult than the other, beginning with the very basic of models to the hardest; making this summer loads of fun.

Since sailing began and the desire to make better ships sprang from the imaginations of seamen whittling away at pieces of drift-wood, gluing old scraps of canvas together with fragments of whatever twine was laying around, the mysterious andlegendary art of building model ships has inevitably inspired stories of great feats and adventures.

Bottles help keep ship models much longer, as they keep young hands away from fragile rigging, preserving the integrity of history and tales of adventure on the high seas farlonger than if the model were not inside a bottle, also making them easily transportable.

This 64-page paperback, written by Guy DeMarco, published by Schiffer in January of 2000, now in its second edition, with 38 black and white photos, 16 color photos, measures 11 x 8.2 x 0.5 and ships at 11.2 ounces.

Five historical ship model projects, kept for that magical scene in a bottle; one ship harder than the last, developing skill and manual dexterity into works of nautical art that will last generations, Ships in Bottles by Guy DeMarco will help your models achieve authentic grace and the embellished style of a professional.


Posted in Crafts by admin on April 6, 2008.

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