Black and Decker 9 to 18 Volt Charger

Black and Decker 9 to 18 Volt Charger is a computerized battery charger for cordless hardware tools (9.6-volt, 12-volt, 14.4-volt and 18-volt) that will optimize battery charging time to as little as 90 minutes.

The chargers that come with Black and Decker cordless tools normally take up to three hours to recharge, but this lighting speed battery cell charger enables you to keep on working without all the waiting around.

If you have multiple batteries that fit your tool, this can make all the difference, especially while one is being used and the other is charging; you can even manage to work virtually non-stop for hours at a time, with nothing more than a periodic return to the garage in order to refuelyour power source.

This is the best part about using cordless equipment; sustainability. Getting rid of those nasty CO2 emissions that harm our Nations natural environment is all about using fuel sources that are renewable and this is part of the vision.

Renewable, powerful, clean and trustworthy are the words that best describe the FSMVC Fast Battery Charger by Black & Decker that will replenish all the major cordless tools B and D produces in less than 90 minutes while protecting Mother Nature and getting the job done efficiently.

Black & Decker 9 to 18 Volt Charger was designed to make all cordless power tools powerful, practical, sensible and most importantly; an honorable endevour.


Posted in Tools by admin on May 9, 2007.

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