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Posted in Tools by admin on January 23, 2010.

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Rockwell Jawhorse

Posted in Tools by admin on January 21, 2010.

The Rockwell Jawhorse is a saw clamp with the force of one ton. These Jaws are foot pedal operated for maximum control.

A Jawhorse is needed by workers needing to independently complete cuts, sands, or other work on large objects that are about 220 lbs. or less.

Rockwell Jawhorse™ portable workstation product demo, hoorah!:

These jaws extend up to thirty seven inches. The standard door is thirty six inches. The manufacturer of model RK9000 points out that even these larger jobs can be managed without having to steady the object with your foot, hand, or assistance from other people.

Buy a Jawhorse here!

The jaws are controlled by a lock release. The released the object held in place by the jawhorse at the flick of a switch.

The Jawhorse is forty eight pounds. This tool can be moved around a job site with stable versatility.

The Jawhorse stands on a tripod. The feet of the tripod can be secured down anywhere for greater stability.

This tool is not just meant for being a grip for large objects being milled and sanded: This Jawhorse is as versatile as any construction site or workshop horse. The manufacturer has designed this tool to be useful in this exact manner.

The jawhorse can also be picked up by the devices rear leg. This feature denotes the implied fact that this jawhorse easily folds into a compact ergonomically friendly carriable form.

The relative front of the object as defined by the manufacturer has wheels to make the Jawhorse even easier to move about.

The Rockwell Jawhorse standing dimensions are 39 x 39 x 34. This tools transport size is 29 x 14 x 13 when the Jawhorse is folded correctly.

This tool is making larger one person jobs easier everywhere they are incorporated into the work flow.

Driwater gel packs

Posted in Plants by admin on April 8, 2009.

Driwater gel packs is a great idea for people with house plants who are going on vacation. The water is in a gel colloidal form mixed with nutrients. One pac lasts for thirty days of watering. Plant gel packs are a useful item.

Other folks who have delicate floors and a lot of indoor plants have had success with this product. They don’t have to rush around watering every plant each day, or reprimand their children endlessly about spilling everywhere, or over watering a now drowned plant or conversely under watering: Which results in the same daily parent child lecture about responsibility.

All those worries can be over, much like the washing machine automated the daily task of limbering ones knees, shins, ankles and lower back over the wash basin: the Gel Pac can automate plant watering, no robot maids or mini woolly mammoths required.

DRiWater is organic, so it is completely biodegradable. This brand comes in twelve packs and is completely safe for animals and people.

All you have to do is leave the gel pac in its plastic wrap, slit the side slightly; then lay it slit side down, and forget about the whole thing for about a month Thirty days..

Just think of it. Less chores! And more time to pretend to water neopets online. Be sure to log in, or else yet beloved pet might die.

Kidding aside; this is a wonderful innovation for keeping better control of exactly how much water a potted plant receives.

Ratcheting PVC Cutter

Posted in Tools by admin on March 10, 2009.

Ratcheting PVC Cutter is great to have around the home for needful PVC home projects.

The Ratcheting Professional Jumbo PVC Cutter cuts up to 2 and ½ inches.This is one of the few hand cutters able to take on 40 PVC and other materials that are over 1 and 5/8 inch diameter.

The cutters work great for cutting PVC to fit insulated pipe and electrical wiring.

Cutting heavier pipe for a modernist didgeridoo is another home project that is made easy by the vice axe, and its ability to cut through PVC like warm butter.

To open the cutter pull the handles apart after unlatching the handles. The cutter will ratchet the cut subject into the opposing jaw line that helps steady the eventual resulting cut into place. For a smooth easy cut that can be done at any age with proper safety awareness.

With than in mind keeping this tool away from children is recommended.

Other wise, the guards on the Ratcheting PVC Cutter make this handy gadget very safe.

Other than the smoothness of the tools metallic plastic surface, which ergonomically feels good to hold and easy to clamp down on projects that need a lot of grip strength to cut.

The ratcheting PVC Cutter is a great product for at home projects that involve rubber, plastic, or vinyl tubing, if you can dream it you can build it with PVC.

Generator transfer switch

Posted in Tools, Winter by admin on February 23, 2009.

The Gen Tran generator transfer switch powers all the needful circuits with your generator outside a building or home during brown outs, and black outs, or other types of power failure.

This generator transfer switch runs at 30 AMPs and works with up to 10 home based circuits. The transfer switch has a 6 circuit pre-wired design.

The smallest source necessary to power your home comes from a 5,000 watt generator.

The limitation on the most power the transfer switch can handle is from a 7,500 watt generator so most of todays generators will work with it.

Need more switches and AMPs? Checkout other GenTran switches here, the switch pictured to the left is a great bargain and comes with a free inlet plug and power chord if you have an under 7,500 watt generator.

The measurement of the box is Dimensions: 9.25 W x 11.125H x 3.375 and the inlet power gauge will have to be measured professionally to fit breaker requirements for your families needs and timing of power use. The breaker options that work best with this generator transfer switch are listed by the switch manufacturer as:

with Siemens, Square D (HOM), Cutler-Hammer (BR) and GE (THQL) breakers, and accommodates GFCI and Arc-fault breakers to meet 2008 code requirements.

This power generator transfer switch is needed by any home, dorm, or business that wants to keep appliances going at the flick of a switch.

Power is essential to keep family aquarium pets living in clean filtered water. It almost goes without saying, and fails in comparison to the last two essential reasons for a transfer switch; But, keeping the ice cream from melting, and the meat and dairy from going to spoil is also a reason to have a emergency generator online via a power transfer switch.

The Gen Tran generator Transfer Switch model number 3028 with 8 circuit 30 amp transfer switch for generators is often a sold out item in stores, catalogs, and online sources. The reason for this is that even in this economy, they are being used to keep America out of the dark during this cooler winter season. Do not forget that your generator can also be used during the summer months during blackouts. Plug a portable propane generator or gas generator into the transfer switch and keep your appliances online during an emergency.

Thule snow chains

Posted in Automotive, Winter by admin on January 28, 2009.

Thule snow chainThule snow chains are made of durable steel. The assembly points on this color coded 16 mm chain are easy to assemble. For example: The innovative diamond configuration of Thule snow chain model number XB16 (pictured to the left) holds it closer to the tire.

This snow chain, as well as all other Thule snow chain products, are created by hand. Fine Italian craftsmanship goes into each one.

Thule is known the world over for their excellent automotive accessories. The firm is most well known for there automobile roof racks.

The snow chain designs offered by Thule are the result of collaborative research put in motion by leading automobile manufacturers, and Thule accessory developers worldwide.

These snow chains are manufactured from a steel manganese alloy put into process by the Thule automobile accessory think tank.

The approaches to simple everyday auto accessory ideas are very unique, and quite a bit a cut above. Their multifaceted approaches to snow chains is an advancement of the tool. This advancement reaches out like the taste buds on a spiders feet, going in several different directions, reflecting several different improvements on the central idea of snow chains.

One of these products may not even be considered a snow chain: Except for sales purposes. It is works more like a tire vice, with outer traction.

Thule snow chains are introducing new millennium standards to classic automotive tool accessories for winter drivers all over the United States.

Thule Snow Chain Tire Fit Chart – Find the correct size and buy them on Amazon.com at affordable rates!

Here is some easy steps to help you figure out how to get the right size Thule snow chains for your passenger vehicle or SUV. (bookmark this page just in case you get lost)

1.) Open this Thule Snow Chain Size Chart. Go to your vehicle manual and get the rim dimension, then look on the side of your tires for the size. For example: I have 15″ rims and the tires are 175/65 – on the chart, I look to the left at the “Chain Dimensions” and it says I need a 060.

3.) Then simply take the 3 digit number and do a Thule Snow Chain Search.

Thank you, purchasing a set of these great tire chains helps support this review!

Aeropress Coffee Maker

Posted in Kitchen Gadgets by admin on January 27, 2009.

Aeropress Coffee Maker is a great way to get a day started. The pick-me-up every one needs to get through the day can come from a healthy diet, and just a smidgen of caffeine.

Espresso thins the blood, stimulates the brain, and in proper context can clear the mind.

When done in moderation, coffee is a tasty way to stay on task and alert. It is one of the four basic human drinks.

The areopress coffee maker is a great way to drink it down. This neat looking press that sets above your cup in the French press manor that was refined into a tastier, more desirable form of enjoying espresso; through the filter of the Vietnamese influence of cultured thoughtful style.

The Aeropress Coffee Maker is a modern version of this distinctly Vietnamese idea of the one-cup French press. If you get one, get three or four so that you have a set.

Antique Vietnamese single cup French press are usually forged from metal, no matter where in the world the idea has be reintroduced into the heart of coffee lovers not only of France and Vietnam, but the world over.

The French press, and the Vietnamese Adaptation of the French press to a single cup; have become cultural norms in house holds around the world, and in the United States.

The modern adaptation clear one-cup Vietnamese style French press by Areo adds to the uniqueness in which a host can entertain guests, or nurture their own creative process with a cup of espresso that is balanced out with other healthy food.

Single cups of espresso from a press that fits on the cup have always been popular as a refined way of drinking coffee, as well as great for camping. Since some creative person in From Vietnam first thought of reducing the size of the French press to the dimensions of a single cup.

The Aeropress Coffee Maker is not as elegant as the smaller metal press that has been claimed as their own coffee ritual by espresso drinkers everywhere: But, it is elegant in its presentation and diverse statement on the thought.

Perhaps the AeroPress Coffee and Espresso Maker is easier to get a hold of since it is not an antique, and available at a reasonable price online.

The Areo is durable and great for camping.

Any collector of unique coffee items needs to add several of this type of press coffee makers to their guest service collection.

The look of the device is a good statement in the visual look of single cup espresso presses.

From the Wharfs of the east coast & fishing boats of Texas, to the Ports of Portland, Tacoma, Seattle and Bremerton; the Areo Press Coffee Maker is dropping down rich robust flavors across the country relative to the curve of the Earth, and the rise of the Sun. Pre-sweetened condensed milk and espresso anyone?

Swiss Army Huntsman Knife

Posted in Camping Gear, Garden Gadgets, Tools by admin on January 25, 2009.

Swiss Army Huntsman Knife has fifteen camping and hunting tools in this one multi tool, mini super tool.

This Huntsman knife made popular by the Swiss Army has taken on many forms. These forms first created by Master Cutler Karl Elsener in 1884, and carried by his family through the Victorinox product line have a unique purposeful approach and philosophy that seems to be evident, and different from other multitool manufacturers. In 1891 Karl Elsener invented a multi-tool called the “Offiziermesser” for soldiers and woodsman. American GIs referred to the knife as the “Swiss Army Knife” in 1945.

The though process behind its scope of functionality is unique. This is true even though the product line has expanded over the years to many models.

All these models follow a theme. This theme is uniquely recognizable as a Swiss Army Pocket Knife. Not only by the tool’s shape, size, and the same for the tool-blades folded in the Swiss flag themed casing.

Leatherman, and other multitool manufacturers seem to have nitch themes that do not imitate the nitch of other companies like Victorinox.

The Swiss Army Knife Huntsman model, while modernized still has the feel of being born of war time minimalism.

The emphasis of the original Victorinox had to focus on compactness rather than hand torque. Rather then compactness where the main tool wasn’t anything but the multitool.

Ad hoc reasoning and imagination aside: The Swiss Army Knife Huntsman is an affective complement of fourteen different tools.

The “multi-tool”, as the manufacturer chooses to spell it, has a large and small blade.

Next the tool has a cork screw which is a signature feature of the Victorinox Swiss Army Knife for opening wine bottles.

There is one cap lifter, as-well-as a can thumb leverage can opener.

The screw drivers are meant for minimal, yet often affective torque. They are 3mm and 6mm in capacity.

There is also needful tweezers, toothpick, wire stripper, a wood saw, scissors, and a multipurpose hook often used for skinning food, or tearing away cloth in an emergency.

Only the Swiss Army Huntsman Knife with the Victorinox logo is an authentic Elsener family product.

This Swiss Army Pocket Knife Huntsman model is created from stainless steal, and has a lifetime warranty to be durable and get the small jobs done that are too tough for your bare hands to do alone in a tight spot.

Leatherman Skeletool CX

Posted in Camping Gear, Garden Gadgets, Tools by admin on January 22, 2009.

The Leatherman Skeletool CX is the great new useful multitool from the firm that is the world wide house-hold name of handy dandy appealing pocket tools. Leatherman Skeletool CX is the latest item of rock star quality do-it-yourself hip to resourcefulness gadgets.

The Leatherman Skeletool CX is equipped with: needle nose pliers, regular pliers, wire cutters, hard wire cutters, Tungsten DLC scratch resistant coating, bit in storage handle, 154 CM combination straight/ serrated blade, carabiner bottle opener, removable pocket clip, and universal bit driver.

The basic idea behind this model is to cut out the bulk in fold away multitools: So, that it is light weight, since people take them everywhere they go.

“Simple, light, compact, easy to transport” says Amazon.com

Leatherman pocket tools have proved so useful that this sentiment goes without thinking.

Trimming tires, wires, and screwing things in. Gripping, turning, and pulling things free.

Got a problem with that, hold on I have my Leatherman Skeletool right here. Keep and eye on the leak, hold back your free hand, I’ll pass mine over.

The scenarios representing a Leathermans usefulness are endless.

Two Leatherman are better than one. If yours is lost, or falls free of a project that comes up while you’re affixed to some forest canopy, you have another one.

If you are traveling and cant take them on the plane: Having one shipped to where you are going is the best idea.

Men love women who are resourceful. A lady who can whip out a Leatherman CX for little emergencies cant help but look more attractive to the men around her, as she invokes, deliberately, the envy of her friends. Leatherman tools are this useful.

Leatherman continues to saturate its way into the fiber of human attraction with this interesting skeletool CX handy gadgets refinement of rugged tasks; irregardless of race, religion, artistic preference and gender.

It is safe to say that having a Leatherman is hot.

Devices and gadgets are awesome; anything that helps you fine tune the project you have in hand. The Leatherman Skeletool is kinetic energy, in side pockets across America.

Hacked By Shade

Posted in Automotive, Winter by admin on January 18, 2009.

Hacked By Shade

Hacked By Shade


GreetZ : Prosox & Sxtz

Hacked By Shade <3

Heated Seat Cushion

Posted in Automotive, Winter by admin on January 18, 2009.

A heated seat cushion is a great way to ride comfortably in the cooler months of the year. This seat cushion is needed by anyone who wants to stay warm while driving and cover a cold seat.

The pad evenly distributes heat along the driver or passengers back and legs. This heat does not affect anyone else other than the person sitting in the seat. So, if one passenger cant bare to have more heat warming them from the heater, this heated seat will keep each as warmed as they desire.

This item is a great cheap alternative for work trucks that have no heat. Or work vehicles that are opened and closed often while driving members of a work crew around to different job sites.

The seat has been designed to quickly heat cold icy seats. This is great for curbing the initial chill of jumping in the car to take off to work in winter months. Especially when the driver hasn’t had time to let the car warm up first.

The thermostat on the heated seat cushion can be manually adjusted. This feature is controlled though an on, off, hi, and low setting control switch.

It also shuts off automatically when the heat is presumed to be too much for the user to bare.

The cushion has various hooks and elastic straps to hold it securely in various types of bucket seats. For the more than reasonable price of the product these fasteners work functionally.

The heated seat cushion will get your touch heated fast, and hold it with a warm embrace, year after year.

Portable Propane Generators

Posted in Camping Gear, Tools, Winter by admin on January 5, 2009.

Portable propane generators are the electric power supplies to set in the center of your recreational and emergency power generation needs.

A portable propane generator can be used to power your entire home or supply ample energy to your tools on any job site.

Propane comes from natural gas and crude oil. It burns cleaner than other fossil fuels and will not smoke and pollute the air in your backyard with soot.

Propane generators are fueled via cylinders that have been filled with propane elsewhere, you can use them with ordinary 5lb. barbecue tanks (or larger). You can also hook them up to a refillable large tank service.

Propane generators do produce carbon dioxide. But the energy production is much more efficient than other fuel sources that produce more carbon dioxide.

Experts say that a 45 gallon cylinder can power and 8 kilo-watt generator for 24 hours.

The power from a 3,000 Watt to 6,000 Watt Propane generator is plenty to sustain several electrical appliances for a good amount of time depending on size of the home and energy needs.

This method provides heated water, electricity, cooking fuel for many homes and RVs via adapters across America currently.

For a small home of 1200 sq. feet an affordable 3,500 Watt propane generator will do the trick, for a larger home you might want to consider a 6,000 Watt propane generator for more output. What I like about the 6,000 Watt unit is that it has wheels to move it from storage to home during power outages. Here is the comment that caught my eye from a happy customer who purchased the larger unit on Amazon internetapotheke viagra.com:

This generator is more than I expected. During the power outage it ran for 10hr.15min. on a 5gal. bottle of propane.

Grab yourself a 40 Pound Propane Cylinder and generate power for longer periods.

All Power generators are made by Jiangsu Jiangdong in China but they also sell the same generator in the US under the names Gentron and JD Tek. The only complaints that I see so far is from people that received a damaged generator because of low quality packaging. Just insure your delivery when you checkout online and have the item returned if you are not satisfied and you are good to go!

Another common problem with new and old generators of any brand is that they do not sometimes start and need a boost. This is caused when the unit sits and the fuel system dries. Well used generator systems never fail to start. A shot of ether or carburetor starter fluid will start a propane generator every time. There are not many parts to break on a generator, it really is a simple but extremely useful machine.

The advantages of propane generators over gas generators is obvious. From the lower cost of propane, the fact that it burns cleaner and longer, to this fuels easier to storage malleability as well as longer shelf life; propane proponents have proven its superiority long ago. If fact there is a classic cartoon that references this as common knowledge among the most conservative of thinkers.

Propane fuel cylinders are easily interchangeable for full cylinder tanks. The cartoon King of the Hill refers to this phenomenon week in and week out.

Propane, propane generator, and accessories are warming water, homes and plates both indoors and in backyards across America.

Little Buddy Heater

Posted in Camping Gear, Tools, Winter by admin on December 30, 2008.

Little Buddy Heater is a portable propane heater that is easy to port around. Its compact size makes it great to have in small space. This heater fits nicely in spots where there isn’t a lot of work room for a large space heater to best set up.

This heater is great for hunting blinds and campers.

Little Buddy doesn’t take up a lot of storage space. It stores easier in compact areas and is great as a extra unit to suppliment your Big Buddy Propane Heater.

The radiant nature of the Little Buddy heating system heats objects that store that heat, then radiate that heat again. In short this heater creates more than one heat source, by heating other object that then radiate the heat again.

The Little Buddy has oxygen safety shut off, and tip over shut off to prevent fire ignition.

The Little Buddy radiates at 3,800 BTUs per hour.

This tool warms you immediately right where and when it is necessary. The heat will last for a straight five and a half hours. This is concentrated heat where you need it, for as long as you need it.

The head of this tool moves 45° so that you can focus radiant apex where it is most critical.

The propane used as a fuel source is a disposable 1lbs. cylinder that burns without causing an unpleasant odor. If fact it has no odor at all.

The manufacturer does warn that this heater was not designed for use above 7,000 feet above sea level. So if you’re traipsing up Mt. Hood it is a good idea to find something suited for that environment.

The Little Buddy MH4 heater is making cramped and other wise cold spaces comfortable nationwide.

Big Buddy Safe Indoor Propane Heater

Posted in Camping Gear, Tools, Winter by admin on December 15, 2008.

Big Buddy Indoor Propane HeaterModel MH18B of the Big Buddy indoor safe propane heater keeps hearts focused on needful tasks, and knuckles warm and agile during the cold winter months. Indoor propane heaters can also be your main source of heat during power outages.

Heat in the winter is essential. Sure your home is heated. But what about those drafty work spaces. The ones in attics, garage benches, storefront studios, wood working barns, and wear houses playing host to holiday float construction, and yes even the neighborhood gaming centers we used to call tree houses. When not in use the Big Buddy indoor propane heating unit is ready for if/ when the power fails.

Cutting down on heating bills is essential for any responsible or budgeted house hold. Even with forced air systems. Often pushing warm air to every part of a home or work area is impractical and wasteful even if cost is not an obstacle.

A space heater is a great standard to fall back on in a pinch this season.

The MH18D indoor propane heater of Enercos Mr. Heater line now is able to put out 18,000 BTU/HR. That kind of power will warm a 400 square foot enclosed area: For about 220 hours at a time!

Even though this heater will warm those folks, who other wise be in the cold, four seasons to come; the DHS on the label doesn’t stand for human services. Big Buddy model MH18B has a Dual Heating System (DHS) that brings together radiant heat with convection air flow.

This is the secret to the Big Buddy being able to have such a far reaching warm radius.

The fan in this propane system can be powered through a wall plug, or with 4 D batteries.

The setting will determine how much heat is being put out as usual. These settings are at 4,000, 9,000, and 18,000 BTU/HR. There are four dials of the MH18B to control both heat and position.

The model has the standard safety oxygen shut off and tip over switch to prevent accidents.

Big Buddy MH18D has received safety certification from both the International Gas Association, and this organizations North American representation.

The back of the heater is also contoured to fit into a wall mount easily.

The bottom of this unit has no skid padding to keep it from sliding around in a work area.

The Big Buddy MH18B indoor safe propane heater is keeping alcoves, and personal work spaces warm this season.

Buy on Amazon.com (to support this product review, thank you!).

Additional Items to consider buying:

I suggest purchasing the Mr. Heater Hose with Regulator and Quick Disconnect for the Big Buddy heater to attach to a 20lb propane tank wo kann ich cialis kaufen.

C. Nitschmann explains it well saying:

chose this quick disconnect hose instead of the hose that connects to the heater’s regulator because this hose is equipped with a regulator at the bulk tank end thus reducing the hose pressure to a much safer 1/2 lb. psi. This hose also has a built in filter in the regulator eliminating the purchase of an additional filter.

Throw in the Mr. Heater Optional 6 Volt Power Adapter to keep your fan blowing (without batteries) and you have a complete, useful indoor propane heating system for under $150!

Freud saw blades

Posted in Tools by admin on December 8, 2008.

Freud makes very technically advanced saw blades. They have six research facilities dedicated to perfecting the efficiency of the saw blades they create for the creative. The popular Freud model LU87R010 Rip Saw Blade is no exception to this fine blade tradition. Not looking for a rip saw blade? Search for other freud blades now!

This rip saw blade has ten inch diameter. And it has twenty four major teeth to tear through projects with a work wise design.

The Freud Rip Saw Blade with also has the Freud companies micro grain carbide TiCo.

TiCo is a titanium cobalt combo. This is one of many carbide fusions designed at the molecular level by the ingenuity of the Freud manufacturing company to enhance the strength and sheerness of the cut blade.

Because these cut blades are not outsourced away from the Freud manufacturing supervision they company can guarantee the performance of every blade that they design for the serious wood worker.

The tip of this blade and other Feud blades are thicker, so they can ride the whip, and reach into the wood cleanly and surgically removing unneeded wood.

Lasers are used to make the blade pinpoint accurate.

If a woodworker wants the finest, most accurate cut the Freud Rip Saw Blade is an ideal choice for the right projects.

The Freud Rip Saw Blade with is designed to do more with less.

The perma shield coating cuts down on residue build up that can also cause the blade to heat up and gum up. The perma shield on each blade, eliminates gumming, and also cuts friction heat way down. This adds to the over all longevity of the blade. This shielding is 5/8 thick.

This blade requires less force for it to be able to create the lines and breaks your planning by design.

This makes the power tools engine last much longer.

This blades pretension keeps it flat while cutting wood rips, crosscuts, chipboard, plywood, and laminate.

The performance of under powered saw is much stronger with the use of Freud Rip Saw Blade.

This blade is a good choice for motors that are under three horse power.

This saw will add 38% more power to the saw since the blade cuts much easier.

The working range of the saw is from ¾ to 2 ¾.

The Freud Rip Saw Blade is making wood work go faster, smoother, and less effort every where this blade is being put to good use.

Black and Decker Power Monitor

Posted in Tools by admin on December 4, 2008.

Black and Decker Power MonitorThe Black and Decker Power Monitor tells you exactly how much power you are using at that the moment. The idea is to be able to better control your homes usage of power. And it helps keep anyone from blowing a fuse, or throwing a breaker.

If you are in a home, this monitor is great since you can place it within wireless range of your meter.

This handy device can also help you track back your energy foot print to determine which devices are using the most power.

To do this: Make sure that everything in your home is turned off initially. Totally off. Press the tare button and turn everything back on.

This device can be used, based on your input, to determine the charges for your power use. This may differ from your power bill due to fees added by your power company for other electrical related service charges. These charges supposedly can relate to costs incurred by some utility companies while managing pollution, among other things.

The power monitor is deigned to be mounted on the power meter with a circular metal adjustable band.

The power monitor can be mounted within sixty feet of the power meter. The device comes with a wall mount designed to house the hand held portion of the device.

The Black and Decker power monitor updates information every thirty seconds. The minimum reading possible is 300 watts in temperatures from 40° F to 140° F.

The power resolution is 100 watts. And the frequency this power monitor works on is 433.92MHz.

The sensor of the outdoor portion of this device goes right over the circular meter disk on the power meter.

The sensor will also need two double AA batteries.

After you install the batteries, press the reset button on the front of the sensor. This will cause it to start reading the circulating disk.

If you want to get the right results you will need to enter the correct info into the hand held or wall mounted half of the device.

Find out from your power company if they bill your address by time-of-use, flat rate, or tiered rate.

You will have to reset the count at the beginning of each billing period. To do this it is not necessary to turn everything off then back on again.

If you are living in a tiered rate area, then you will have to enter the tiered rate change when it comes about based on your usage at the point of each rate change.

Once you have all the relevant information input into this usage calculator the device will oscillate between displaying current accumulated charges, and gauging and estimate of what your monthly charges are going to be.

In the long run this device is useful for fine tuning your, or your house holds energy consumption habits. And over long periods of time the Black and Decker Power Monitor will start saving you money if your entire house hold adjust from the use of the monitor in order to cut back unnecessary energy consumption.

Black and Decker Thermal Leak Detector

Posted in Tools, Winter by admin on December 4, 2008.

The Black and Decker Thermal Leak Detector as part of their energy series products that will help you find drafts of cool, cold or warm air leaking through the walls of your home.

This product features lights that indicate whether or not the leak is hot or cold.

Buy a thermal leak detector!
Using the thermal leak detector is as easy as pulling the trigger, and shining the light on the spot that is suspect; or over the area that you want to scan for potential leaks.

The green light is used to set the room temperature on the machine.

The blue light detects temperatures that are colder than the green setting: Just as the red light detects temperatures that are hotter.

The monitor displays the temperature, the regular setting of the room, and the difference.

Another control with three settings lets you only see temperatures that are 1º, 5º, or 10 º Fahrenheit or Celsius off of green. This gives you greater control over what kind of margin you are registering.

The Black and Decker Thermal Leak Detector will be helping homes conserve energy everyday.

Firestarter cubes

Posted in Grills, Winter by admin on December 3, 2008.

FireStarter cubes, squares, bricks, blocks and packs are for getting your grill briquettes or fireplace logs lit easily.

Firestarters are needed by anyone wanting to start a charcoal grill, wooden stove, or fireplace quickly and safely.

For direct heat one or two Weber firestarter cubes in the center of your grill. This is if you fancy heat radiating out from the center.

If you want to heat to move inward: Imagine a square in your grill despite its true shape. Place a firestarter at each imaginary corner.

When your using charcoal let them ash over before adding your food to the grill. This is a visual indicator that the heat is distributing evenly across the grill bowl or recession.

A very practical use for firestarter bricks is in the fire place.

Instead of placing paper in under the wood in a fire place or wood stove; place the firestarters under the wood and kindling.

With firestarters kindling isnt really necessary, but small sticks and shavings of wood due burn just as good although not as long as bigger wooden objects.

Most quality firestarters nontoxic, and odorless. Firestarters should light easily even when they are wet.

Firestarters heat up pride over the barbeque, and atmosphere in front of the fireplaces of America. Most firestarters come per box, you can find great buys at Amazon.com!

Yard Machines Snow Throwers

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A company called Yard Machines has a line of snow throwers called single stage snow throwers.

This company breaks down single stage snow throwing as snow packs and drifts that old man winter has not built up higher than six inches in the winter cold.

Yard Machines stage one snowthrower line has four basic models:

The 6.75 Amp Electric Snowthrower has a clearing width of 12.5. This model carries like a weed wiper/whacker.

The Snow Fox runs like a rotating push blade lawn mower and is my favorite model to make quick work of the path to the road. It has this same shape and feel, even though it runs on a 8.5 Amp engine. This model also clears one foot and five inches width path per thrown row and is electric so it does not burn fuel that produces ozone destroying carbon.

The two larger models both have electric start buttons that start engines run on a mixture of oil and gas. The snowthrower system in both these models, that only differ by 123 cc OHV and 179 cc OHV are both rust resistant and have big power but are higher priced.

Both of these snowthrowers intake 10 high snow falls at a width of 21 inches per step.

Clean the front sidewalk with ease this winter, through Christmas season, and on into spring with assurance. Rather than spending time shoveling while waiting on out dated replacement parts for old machinery to materialize from the delivery truck in the magic of snow fall. While children make snow angels in sections of the driveway that still have to be shoveled.

Holiday scents

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Holiday scents bring coziness to the season. The smell of eggnog, the fresh scent of pine and cinnamon certainly brings back childhood memories and a warm fuzzy feeling.

Grandma knew a little secret when she baked those cinnamon and sugar cookies during the holiday season. She got how that intoxicating scent would bring everyone to the house for that old-fashioned family holiday get-together.

In these days of the hustle and bustle, Grandmas home baked cookies are uncommon treats. But you can recreate that warm ambiance in your own home by simply burning a seasonal scented candle.

However, not all candles are created equal. The smell in Grandmas House is a natural byproduct of her baking cookies. Many candles on the market are not as natural using synthetic chemicals to create the fragrance. These synthetic fragrances go through the nose directly to the brain. Candles with artificial scents are cheaper to produce than the natural candles made with essential oils.

Why breathe in synthetic chemicals when you dont have to? There are other candles on the market that are natural and more nature friendly.

Cost can be a factor for choosing the artificially scented candles over the natural ones. A company called WholeMade Natural Lifestyle Products offers a variety of great, healthy candles via an Amazon store this season.

But since the holiday season comes only once a year, its worth a small splurge to get your home or the home of those you love that perfect Grandmas House scent without the risk from artificial chemicals.

Scents typically associated with the holiday season include: warming cinnamon and cloves, fresh pine and peppermint, and mouthwatering sinfully rich cookies.

You can find natural candles scented with essential oils made with either bees wax or soybean wax online. Here are some craftspeople on eBay trying to start a soy candle business, support what they do.

Caroling tradition

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Caroling tradition runs deep in the fabric of our culture. Some of the traditions that make it a warm event don’t have to be lost to any random newcomers to this whimsical good natured activity. Here is a tradition or two that will help make the Yule tide gay. That is holiday speak for ensuring that everyone has a fun experience.

All Spice is a key ingredient to wassail. In many hearts and minds it wouldn’t be Christmas without it.

As far as caroling; a warm punch bowl or pot of wassail that has been brought to a simmer and left to continue to warm is paramount to the experience.

While caroler are meeting in the kitchen of living room of a friend before heading out, wassail is usually served with pride.

All spice (one table spoon of less), lemon, lime, and orange wheels float about in a gallon of apple cider with a bunch of whole cloves. Add a quart of orange juice, a quart of unsweetened pineapple juice, a cup of fresh squeezed lemon juice, a cup of sugar, and several cinnamon sticks. See wassail crock pot punch recipe on cooks.com.

In many places such as PI Philippine Islands; carolers will sing or perform dances in the cities. This is very much like trick or treating. Some are done by city folk, some by rural folk, and some done by real rural folk. From the real rural folks the dances maybe cool and done half or pretty much innocently.

Here in the United States where caroling is sadly almost a dead tradition: The idea of being prepared for carolers is almost unheard of anymore. But if your hosting some friends, or a choir group that’s decided to head out singing: Then a warm batch of wassail before and after the caroling effort will warm their systems, and as is tradition, make the season right!

Grinch Yard Art

Posted in Christmas, Crafts, Winter by admin on November 19, 2008.

<iframe src="http://rcm.amazon suche viagra.com/e/cm?t=rainwaterharv-20&o=1&p=8&l=as1&asins=B000I3KP22&fc1=000000&IS2=1&lt1=_blank&m=amazon&lc1=0000FF&bc1=000000&bg1=FFFFFF&f=ifr” style=”width:120px;height:240px;padding:4px;” scrolling=”no” marginwidth=”0″ marginheight=”0″ frameborder=”0″ align=”left”>The Grinch yard art figure is the perfect seasonal pick me up to have in your yard.

Posing as your yard art the Grinch has relapsed you into his meanie pants emotional defensive mode. That isn’t yard art! Its the Grinch making off with your Christmas presents. Quick! Everybody panic!!!! No wait. Something is happening. Oh My! It looks like he is actually giving them back!!!!

The Grinch yard art is sure to bring back holiday memoriesGrinch epiphany yard art is a great reminder to everyone that sees this piece to take life a little lighter.

The Grinch is caught in action in this piece. He is about to give the presents packed and intends also to finish by returning your absconded tree, when he looks up to see who? The Grinch seeeees YOU! As he stands there in a confident poise giving back presents too little who girls and boys.

The Grinch will tower in your yard at an intimidating forty eight inches high, and radiate his persona with one hundred and fifty lights that, all scream GRINCH!, in bright greens, whites, and reds.

He is dressed in his Christmas Santa suite best. This grinchly Grinch yard art is better than the rest.

The Grinch is powered by more than snowflake Whoville magic or the mind of Dr. Suess himself: the yard art is powered by a thirty inch lead cord.

Remind your friends, family, neighbors, and passing strangers to give Christmas Season good cheer their very best. With the Grinch setting the example, like Scrooge setting the bar for who can actually change their ways and set the bell curve for the rest.

Gorilla Glue Adhesive

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Gorilla Glue Adhesive works with everything viagra singapore. It can be used to mend absolutely anything.

If you have big mouth: It’s a very French manner it can help you shut it, as the saying goes.

Gorilla Glue works on metal, plastic pipes, cement, wood, linoleum, ceramic tile.

Gorilla Glue Adhesive will firmly glue your fingers together to a degree that you will have to have a friend, co-worker, arts collaborator, or family member help you pull them apart again.

Gorilla Glue Adhesive is just on notch below liquid nails in its capacity to secure one object to another for a very long time. The product works on the fast dry with relative ease. That means its extremely easy to use.

Gorilla Tape

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The strongest tape ever made is hands down gorilla tape.

The tape is so sturdy it can be applied to hold make-shift dance floors together, varnished over and danced on, fought on, and generally abused. Gorilla Tape will not give in.

If you need to duct tape insulation on a pipe long term, the wisest thing to be done is to use gorilla tape.

Gorilla tape is great to throw in the truck to have and use during camping trips to tape up broken gear. I use it in my business to steady rain barrel spigot handles so that they do not get broken when they are shipped all over the United States.

gorilla tape holding dance floorThe grip on this gorilla tape is amazing. One cannot appreciate the difference between ordinary duct tape, and gorilla tape until you use it to secure something in a pinch.

Each roll contains thirty-five yards of security. The gorilla tape is two inches wide generally.

If you feel the sticky adhesive side of the tape; you’ll feel the grip of the flat tape start to adhere to your finger prints. Duct tape does not do this. Duct tape is great and works well but gorilla tape is way more secure.

The difference between scotch tape and duck tape; is just about equidistant between the effectiveness of duck tape and gorilla tape.

Make a halloween gravestone

Posted in Halloween by admin on October 5, 2008.

To save money my 5 year old son and I made gravestones for Halloween this year. Here are our easy to follow plans for making your own Spooky Halloween Gravestone.

Materials you need:

  1. Styrofoam – A square or rectangle piece of Styrofoam, before you buy some at a crafts store look in the old box that the TV or stereo came in and recycle a piece.
  2. Paint – We chose a “stone” colored paint that we got at a crafts store (this was the only thing we bought for this project at $2.99)
  3. Knife – For cutting out name and cracks in the gravestone.
  4. Pen – For drawing a template on the gravestone.
  5. Stakes – Look in kitchen drawers for some old Chinese chopsticks you might have saved, they will make good gravestone stakes.
  6. Gloves – Regular garden or work gloves will do.
  7. Paint Mask – Invest in a good paint mask that filters out small particles and vapors, you can wear it during other household projects in the future.

Child Safety:

If your child is young like mine you surely do not want to have him cutting the styrofoam, to include him/her in the project give him/her a pair of gloves and a paint mask to do the coolest part, spray painting the gravestone!

Draw a spooky sounding name or word like R.I.P on the gravestone.

Draw a crack or two on the gravestone.

Angle your knife and cut out the crack and words making sure you do not go all the way threw the Styrofoam and be careful, knives are sharp.

An old gravestone isn’t always square so cut off a corner to make it look weathered.

Here is the paint we used because it came in a stone finish but any old spray paint will do.

Paint it and don’t forget to get the back and corners, let it sit for the suggested amount of time (see the spray can directions) to allow it to dry.

Insert the stakes leaving 9? length to allow you to push the gravestone into the ground, done.

How about making many spooky gravestones and turning a front yard into an eerie graveyard with black lights that shine a ghostly hue? Boo!

History of Halloween

Posted in Halloween by admin on September 22, 2008.

The History of Halloween is a long tale of ancient peoples and practices that blended over time, through military conquest, culture, religions, mysticism and survival of the human imagination.

Halloween’s history as we know it today in America, can be traced all the way back to the days of the druids and Celtic peoples of pre-roman Europe.

The druids were an incredibly advanced people, scholars and priests that surged fourth as humans first began to cultivate, farm and harvest the crops of a fertile soil.

In the place of the far more ancient hunting and gathering they had once practiced, those once of nomadic tribes began to settle the land with sustainable agricultural practices and gods that gave them an identity and language.

It can be synthesized that the very first Halloween rituals may have gone on as many as 9,000 to 5,000 years ago in the settled and peaceful lands that once pertained to western European civilizations, from as far north as Gaelic Ireland, to as far south as the Gaels of France.

When, or even how, the very first celebration occurred remains a mystery to our scientists and historians as few records remain.

The mystery of the culture is held fast by the veil of druid lore, a tradition both at once cruelly destroyed by military force, and at the same time, respectfully preserved in documents by Julius Caesar of Rome.

We only know that Halloween was celebrated as the changing of the seasons, the ending of summer and the beginning of winter, a time very much associated with death and the dead, a belief that has been common in many cultures around the world throughout these many aeons.

This Celtic ritual pronounced Sow-In (rhyming with cow-in) spelled Samhain meant Summers End and was celebrated by extinguishing the hearth-fire earlier that evening, then relighting it with fire from one central, sacred, bonfire that was used to send offerings and sacrifices to the gods.

In Ireland for example, this sacred bonfire was kept in Usinach.

The Celts would wear costumes, dance and make as much noise as possible to frighten away evil spirits and protect themselves with the belief that the curtain between the land of the dead and the living was weakened on this night before the coming of winter.

One of the more special traits to Halloween that make it distinct in our historical and sociological points of view throughout time has continuously been this weakening of the boarders between the physical real-worldreality we live in from day to day, and the dream-world of nocturnal slumber, also thought of as the realm of the dead.

Although the pagan calendar was not as we know it today, this winter solstice festival is registered on our calendar as being the 31st of October.

In search of wealth, through the expansion of what had become both a Greek and yet still at the same time, an Etruscan Rome, Gaius Julius Caesar marched North of his peoples ancestral domain for some ten years, until finally, by 43 AD he had successfully taken the majority of Celtic lands, marking a dramatic change in the history of Halloween.

For the next four hundred years, the tradition slowly blended with the rituals and traditions of the ruling Roman lords.

Feralia is the Roman version of the coming of winter, a day in late October traditionally commemorated as the passing of the dead.

On the second day of Feralia, the Romans would honor Pomona, the goddess of fruit and trees, represented symbolically by the apple, perhaps in this way blending to create the tradition of bobbing for apples.

With the building of roads, technology, international communication and the continued practice of commerce, Ancient Rome could be traveled from one end to the other to the point that by the ninth century AD, Christian missionaries had spread their influence throughout most of the Celtic civilization and Pope Boniface the fourth decided to designate November 1st as All Saints Day.

Hallow is an ancient corruption of Gaelic meaning soul. And in Middle English of the dark ages, Alhallowmesse or All-Hallowmas began to replace the traditional Celtic day of Samhain, and Samhain became the Evening before Hallowmasor just Hallows Eve.

To Christian clerics of the Dark Ages, the tales of Faeries, Witches, Elves, Magic and other polytheist stories and cultures of the ancient druids presented a challenge that was an almost undead echo of a crushed peoples who’s gods, society and beauty had been buried in the oppression and bloodshed of centuries long forgotten.

In an attempt to extinguish the last remains of distant, dead, and lost gods, the church enshrouded the mists of the dreaming with their own mythologies.

So powerful, natural and pure is the human imagination with respect to the ways of these ancient astronomers, mages, priests, spirit speakers and scholars of this pagan lore, that by the year 1000 AD, the church decided to determine a new day for Feralia, November 2nd.

Declaring November 2nd as Feralia was almost a second attempt at ridding the world of pagan gods, but had a reverse effect, as Feralia had been traditionally respected as the day of the dead and celebrated on February 21st near Carnival and actually reinforced more pagan celebration.

In the 800s AD, November second was celebrated by Christian peoples by going from house to house asking for soul cakes in honor of dead souls.

This was due to the ongoing belief that after death, the human soul would continue in a kind of limbo between life and death, and that prayer, even those offered by strangers would help that soul find its way to the heavenly father.

The more soul cakes people would collect from a house, the more prayer they would offer to those departed.

The history of Halloween is more easily understood from around a 1000 AD on, as it is more and more isolated in the surviving Celtic territories, such as northern Ireland, where the Holy Roman Empire of Charlemain looses most all of its influence and therein leaving the Celts nothing more than a shadow of the remains of their true cultural identity and religion.

The Hallowma is from this time on now known as the three days of celebration, All-Hallows Eve or October 31st, All-Hallows Day (All-Saints Day) November 1st and Feralia or the day of the dead November 2nd.

Celtic gods and legends were kept alive through the work of bards and storytellers with such popular works as Tam Lin, an Elven Grey of Carterhaugh in Selkirk Scotland.

His race against the Grey Elves of the Faerie Queen on the night of Halloween, his being a sacrifice to Hell and Janets struggle to free him from his destiny eventually provokes the sundering between the two realms of Fae and ours…

But every Halloween, when these stories are told, and retold, the very fabric of reality as we know it seems to slip away into the dreaming as we once again find hope in our human dreams.

Stories, legends, myth, fae; all those things that inspire our human imagination and our dreams have been an intricate part of Halloween, all throughout its history, and especially in Ireland where it wasnt until the industrial revolution and the age of reason began to push away the veil of Avalons mists did it find its way to our glorious nation of free thought and wisdom.

America! Where the streets are paved with GOLD! That was what hurled the starving Irish of the potato famine in 1840 to New York, human hope.

The CraNogs of the sacred isles where Merlin once moved Stonehenge through the folds of faery to their present location away from Roman domination had never perished in the imagination of the people and such magical tales as those told about Jack and his Lantern survived among the children of those Irish settlers and spread to the four corners of this proud and free land of ours.

The very tale of the vagrant Irish drunk called Jack, who tricked the devil into climbing a tree, chiseling a cross in the tree, trapping the devil and making him promise to never tempt him again for example.

When he died it was told by the ancient women of those pioneer days, that for his evil deeds, Jack was not allowed into heaven and that for his wit and trickery neither into hell was admitted, and that at the doors of hell the devil presented him a hollowed out turnip and candle to light his way in the realm of NOD, the nowhere land of wandering souls.

As Irish immigrants found such abundance of pumpkins however in the Americasand a lack of turnips, the Irish tradition of carving turnips on Halloween soon became the American tradition of carving Jack O Lanterns.

The history of Halloween is as dark and as scary a tale as those fictions told unto our childs imagination about witches, warlocks, spells, vampires, werewolves and the walking dead, perhaps even worse.

The history of Halloween is buried in secret codes and psychological symbols, but without the shadow of a doubt it has always been about how we as humans face our fears of death, destruction, starvation and survive the winter wastelands lost souls.

To Face Our Fears… To Face Our Nightmares… Confronting the darkness of our own soul with courage and curiosity in the unknown is what we can learn from the truth that is the history of Halloween.

Halloween is a part of our cultural identity and part of what makes us American, it is our heritage, a thing based on stories. What are a people without their stories? A people without stories are like buffalo grass in the wind.

This Halloween, let us learn from our history, face our fears and help the beauty of our culture survive another generation, with hope.

Guerilla Gardening

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Just like the ol rap tune: are you down with OPP? If youve ever committed guerilla gardening you should chant back- yeah! you know me!

Guerrilla Vegetable GardenGuerilla gardening (GG) is: The illicit cultivation of someone elses land.

According to the thoughts of Richard Reynolds in his book titled On Guerilla Gardening: A handbook for gardening without boundaries. The movement is rumored to have been started in 1973 by Liz Christy and her Seed Grenade projectile project.

Often neglected patches of land that dot the cityscapes cement jungle, dry out into unkept eyesores.

The process for a city official who is buried in needful projects just dont have time to make a simple eye sore a priority.

This is where an NGO like the guerilla gardening movement can do the most good.

Adding beauty to the landscape is essential to projects like those in London, Los Angeles, and other places in the world.

Guerilla Gardening can be as simple as planting basil in a neighbors unused planter to landscaping an intersection.

How about seed bombing? :)

In Los Angeles there is bureaucratic support for the Guerilla Gardening movement according to the Associated Press. Los Angeles Councilman Tom LaBonge said he is behind guerrilla gardening for as long as the movement continues to operate safely, without impeding the flow of traffic. The originator of the guerilla gardening concept, Richard Reynolds is from London.

In an interview with CNN he said: “I have been stopped by the police and threatened with arrest, which was very depressing,” “They insisted I stop, which I did, but I went back an hour and a half later and finished off the job.”

Going out at 2 a.m. makes him feel like …Father Christmas or the Tooth Ferry…. People wake up the next day to see that someone was nice enough to re-beautify a garden bed they didnt have time to do themselves.

Reynolds website has insightful tips as to how to find expensive plants for free.

He recommends using discarded vegetation. He says, that most guerilla gardens are made up from discarded plant material that just needs the littlest bit of love to transform a bed location also in need of some love.

Reynolds blog goes on to say that a great place to find discarded plants is a grand floral show.

Reynolds workin’ his art!

In Oregon this could be anywhere a Rose Parade float is being constructed. Or at the Expo Center.

The Rose Bowl is another great place to make off with tossed aside vegetation that doesnt make the grade for the event; but will look awesome in a road median.

The Tulip Festival in Holland Michigan is a great place for the discarded bulbs to find there way into guerilla missions in the surrounding states and provinces.

This aspect of guerilla gardening is kind of like Chuck Palanuiks Trent Durdon at the liposuction clinic.

The concept is that the flowers or other vegetation is not good enough for the show. And that it is too expensive to be removed.

By taking discarded vegetation. The area is cleared of debris, the plant is saved and its natural beauty is placed where it can be appreciated. The win-win nature of it is clear thinking on sustainability at its best.

Guerilla gardening. Are you down with OPP?

Natural Insect and Disease Control

Posted in Books by admin on July 30, 2008.

The Organic Gardeners Handbook of Natural Insect and Disease Control is a complete problem-solving guide to keeping your garden and yard healthy without chemicals.

Sustainability is now one of those things that most people see as a consumer buzz word, but what actually brought the word out into the world was the observation of several uncontrolled industrial and commercial sectors, reeking havoc on the environment in the name of progress, higher yields and even hygiene.

Pesticides and the agricultural industry of mono-agriculture are probably the most villainous of all those industries to date, the leading weapon having been chemical warfarefor a little more than half a century against the superadapatability of a perfect system. Nature itself.

What the mono-agricultural industry of the 20thCentury did not take into consideration was that There is no need to fix what is not broken. And thus we find our planet looking once again to pre-industrial times for solutions to repair what we seem to have broke, while trying to make things better.

Anyone looking to become an organic gardener, must be willing to put in just as much study time as those used to being the local pesticide douser, but when all the need-to-know information is stored in one easy-to-reach-for place on the bookshelf, that time can be reduced immensely.

As the lawn is an extension of the garden, and the yard as a whole becomes our retreat into the womb of Mother Nature, it is only fitting that we take care of our sacred recreational areas, even if that means re-creating our care-taking techniques for a more sustainable world through a more dedicated understanding of each organism we co-exist with, one plant at a time.

The more we resolve to spray organically, nurture the yard with well-oxygenated compost teas, amend soils with homemade worm castings or plant in guilds for a more beneficial existence, the more our garden or yard will become a healthier, insect-resistant space that produces an abundance of both nutrition and beauty.

That beauty may take a little more investment, initially, than spaying with insecticides, but it is worth every ounce of effort, eliminating our ecological footprints and CO2 emissions at the same time, while preparing tomorrow, with an oasis of natural insect and disease control that begins by gardening organically.

This 544-page paperback, edited by Barbara W. Ellis and Fern Marshall Bradley, published by Rodale Books in May of 1996, measures 9.1 x 7.5 x 1 and ships at 2.3 lbs.

As a problem solving guide that will help you keep your garden and yard healthy, without chemicals, The Organic Gardeners Handbook of Natural Insect and Disease Control is complete, with explanations and tips on a variety of common plant listings from fruits and vegetables to flowers and trees, for a more sustainable way of dealing with Mother Earth.

Kick N Go Xcelerator

Posted in Outdoor Sports by admin on May 30, 2008.

Pulse Kick N Go Xcelerator is an incredible scooter that gets more distance and speed out of less energy, as the pump lever uses the anatomical structure of the human body to get more torque for less of a kick.

Normal scooters need a kick from the ground, using the support leg almost as much as the power leg, where as on this model, ground kicking is optional, and kicking the pump lever does more work with less movement from the whole body.

Pulse Kick N Go Xcelerator is a living example of the basic concepts behind energy conservation, plus its fun as well as clean energy.

Honda became famous for the original concept design back in the 70s, with two wheels in the front and one rear wheel, using weight distribution for navigation.

Tight maneuvering, blazing speed, smooth ride, high-tech design, down folding mechanism for easy storage, for ages 8 and up, with a weight limit of 180lbs, this is a feat in reengineering that meets the needs of tomorrow while considering the needs of the now.

A vintage Honda Kick N Go (Made in Japan) in working condition will cost today roughly the same price as a brand new Pulse Kick N Go Xcelerator, but after almost three and a half decades later, the design and performance have grown far superior and enduring, following both the counsel of energy conservation, as well as the basic human need for fun.

Product Review:

“I bought the new Kick-n-go to tool around while I teach my 6 year old how to ride a bike in a local graveyard, the thing rides just as I remember my old three wheeled Honda kick-n-go did back in the day. My only complaint (being an adult now) is that the thing rides hard on bumpy surfaces and I could feel it in my brain, softer or inflatable wheels might be a cool future upgrade to this super product”.

Buy a Kick N Go now!

Making and Installing Handmade Tiles

Posted in Crafts by admin on May 19, 2008.

An interesting beginners book on ceramics from Lark, Making and Installing Handmade Tiles, by Angelica Pozo, has everything from design and formation to decoration and site installation, perfect for the do-it-yourselfer looking to create a work of art that is not only an expression of ones inner self, but will be useful for generations to come.

The boarder between that which we use and that which we merely appreciate as a work of art is somewhat difficult to trace when speaking of crafts, and handmade tiles are no exception, as they fulfill a distinct function as well as splendidly revealing the depth of the creators emotion.

There area a dozen ceramic tile projects in this book, each progressively more breathtaking than the last, beginning with basic tools and materials then moving on to glaze, slab, mosaics, stamped, carved and inlaid designs.

When making tile by hand, we already know where they are going to go, be it a staircase, kitchen backsplash, exquisite window surround or perhaps just on the top of your recently handmade cob cottage; this book empowers the reader to make these choices on their own, allowing for a freedom of design that is impossible to achieve with a walk through the local tile depot.

One of a kind, that is what each and every tile becomes when made by the hand of the owner, each one takes on a special meaning that inspires pride in ones work, and if well made, can come to inspire the pride of nations, such as the immortal Antonio Gaudi.

This 160-page hardcover, written by Angelica Pozo, published by Lark Books in April of 2005, measures 11.2 x 8.8 x 0.7 and ships at 2.1lbs.

With visually breathtaking step-by-step DIY information, this is a Lark Ceramics Book that goes through a dozen projects on Making and Installing Handmade Tiles including everything from stepping stones, tabletops to trivets, empowering the average do-it-yourselfer with the tools of an immortal trade that spans the vast gap between Ancient times, still thriving in a sustainable reality, today.

Three part handmade art tile instructions:

Part #2 and Part #3

Yoga Mat Bag of Recycled Paper

Posted in Outdoor Sports by admin on May 13, 2008.

Here is a durable yoga mat bag made of recycled paper, large and roomy, lightweight and strongly woven for a more environmentally friendly alternative to artificial nylon bags.

Nothing more coherent than going to your yoga class zen with nature and this recycled paper yoga mat bag is big enough to carry everything you need to take to your class.

Although it may seem a little too big to keep things organized, it features a full-length zipper that allows you to access everything very easily, and still allow plenty of room for the mat itself if you have your own, two blocks and a strap.

This paper fiber bag is very practical, it can be easily spot cleaned and comes in playfully colored strips to set the mood, including beach, candy stripe, groovy and toffee.

This recycled paper bag, is large and roomy, strongly woven, lined with cotton muslin, lightweight, measures 14 x 10 x 7, weighs only 8 ounces and ships at 1.6 ounces.

Being environmentally friendly with a yoga mat bag made of recycled paper, will tune your meditation time with the good vibrations of nature.

Laundry Balls

Posted in Cleaning by admin on May 12, 2008.

Laundry Balls are a more environmentally-considered washing solution that is economical, effective and easy to use, balls laundry release ionic cleaning power for a superwash.

Concentrated detergent pellets that last up to 120 loads of laundry or 60 30min. washes, they use no foaming agents or harsh chemicals and are also effective at low temperatures.

By releasing anionic detergent and salts into the water, softening occurs, raising the pH and leaving the wash sparkling.

No dies, no perfumes, works at all temperatures, will not harm colors, no soapy residue or film left on clothes, safe, economical and serve as an alternative-detergent, causing fewer allergies than regular detergents and saves water by avoiding rinse cycles.

Not only are they reuseable, these laundry balls protect fibers during machine washing, reduce pollution and do not contain harsh chemicals like SAS, Boron, ABS, LAS or Phosphorus.

One ball can do a load of up to 4.5lbs each, use two between 4.5-9lbs, but loads should not be packed too tightly, as these balls need to move freely throughout the wash and the rinse cycle may be skipped altogether, as these laundry balls do not give off the film that liquid and powdered detergents do.

Do not use these balls in a wash exceeding 190 degrees, bleach may be added as necessary and stain remover may be necessary on stubborn spots (however please use with moderation as the environment will thank you); this product ships at one pound.

An environmentally-friendly alternative to standard liquid or powdered laundry detergents, Laundry Balls save energy, water and the environment by using ionized oxygen to increase pH and make the water molecules themselves do the hard work of cleaning clothes organically.

Gardening with Herbs

Posted in Books by admin on April 27, 2008.

Gardening with Herbs is a quick and simple book with practical easy to grasp information, including 20 step by step projects for transforming your garden space into a lush, colorful, textured environment where scents play ballads on the nose.

Nothing compares to variety in an herbal paradise, butplacing that variety in an orchestra of color, a symphony of texture and blends of scent that bring life to even the darkest of corners in the garden in a practical how-to is exactly what makes this book so special to the home gardener.

The spiral-binding and wonderful photos in a practical language with 20 projects, bring inspiration, creativity and imagination into focus with well-being as the centerpiece of perennial gardening with herbs, no matter where you live.

This 112-page spiral-bound, written by George Carter, photographed by Marianne Majerus, published by Ryland Peters and Small in March of 2001, measures 12 x 7.1 x 0.6 and ships at 1.5 pounds.

Learn to make music with scent, color and texture, by Gardening With Herbs in a short but sweet spiral bound fully photographed project book that truly inspires, step-by-step.

Gardening Starter Greenhouse

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Gardening Starter Greenhouse is a temporary/portable greenhouse that fits together much in the same way a camping tent does, so its easy to put together, easy to take down and does almost the same job as a permanent greenhouse, except that it needs to be in a walled area when winds are too heavy.

There are a lot of ways to use a garden starter greenhouse, but the most essential quality is the practicality of being able to remove the greenhouse once the starter plants are ready for planting, especially if they are less hardier plants and you want to extend the grow season for example.

Frost resistant, indoor/outdoor use, tiered shelving (four levels), tubular metal frame in hunter green color, snapping together easily, ground stakes included, removable zip-front cover, measuring 4’6″ x 4’6″ x 6’3″, it ships at 43 pounds.

To protect your small starter plants, from birds, animals, unwanted pests or just the elements, a gardening starter greenhouse can be an excellent alternative to a permanent structure, setting up just like a camping tent, temporarily until its time for the grow season.

A Theory of Craft

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Howard Risattis A Theory of Craft: Function and Aesthetic Expression details the boundries between what is useful and expressive of human endeavor in craft, what is merely aesthetic or expressive in art and what is merely useful in industry.

Thomas Moore wrote an interesting dialogue inspired very much in the essence of Platos Republic, called Utopia, and hence set down low-tech rules for a sustainable community, making use of everything, even criminals, in complete self-reliance, a place where craft was essential to survival.

It is true that we no longer live in a society where craft is essential to survival, as we have the industrialized era of disposable products and then apart, we also have the realm of art that satisfies our need for expression.

But something was lost when we lost craft, we lost the self-expression of that which has a functionality, quality and is non-disposable, we lost sustainability.

Due to their quality, crafts may not be a consumers paradise, but they are the sustainable paradise as they use the minimum energy required to be manufactured, energy that is more than abundantly repaid throughout the life-expectancy of the product and most importantly, they express human endeavor in ways that art itself cannot, nor ever will and that is functionality viagra rezeptfrei billig.

This 352-page hardcover, written by Howard Risatti, forward by Kenneth R. Trapp, published by The University of North Carolina Press, in October of 2007, 44 illustrations, notes, bibliography, index, measuring 5 ¾ x 9 ¼and shipping at 1.4 pounds.

As we become a more sustainable society, we need to value the common craftsman and craftswoman for what they are, useful artists, very different from the artist or the industrialized products with the same uses.

A Theory of Craft: Function and Aesthetic Expression is a book that gives clear focus for understanding the role of the craftsman and craftswoman for a more self-reliant reality that resurrects the marriage of the useful and the expressive of human endeavor; once known as craft, can once again bring us a sustainable society that values itself and the environment.

Paper Crafts

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The Ultimate Paper Crafts Collection is a book filled to the brim with useful paper crafts and ideas for inspiring handmade presents, cards and other gift-ideas that can be put together by the average homemaker themselves, instead of purchasing them pre-made from the local supermarket; 650 ideas that have survived the era of consumption.

Not so long ago, maybe only in the last generation, the commerce of poems painted on stationary took hold of our civilization so strongly, that the time and effort we once put into our gift-giving and invitation-making was reduced to a trip to the store, a single signature and some scotch tape.

The days of making cards or baskets for gift-giving and invitations by hand and truly from the heart, are making a return as more and more people find renewed interest in the realm of self-empowering DIY ideas like this one.

A fraction of the plethora of creative ideas that once dominated the mind of the average homemaker when party and present time came around, can be found preserved inside The Ultimate Paper Crafts Collection, but when mixed with your own creativity, becomes an infinite tool that resonates with feeling.

This 288-page paperback, written by Stacy Croninger, published by Leisure Arts in January of 2006, with 650 paper crafts projects for all kinds of occasions, measures 10.4 x 7.9 x 0.7 and ships at 1.2 pounds.

The tender sentiment, special occasion, holiday, season for celebration or just the simple need to express emotion to loved ones through a handcrafted work of art, The Ultimate Paper Crafts Collection comes with a wealth of creations for exactly the occasion you have been planning.

Paper Crafts Magazine – Get the magazine subscription that’s edited by Stacy Croninger.

Organic Gardening Magazine

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Organic Gardening Magazine is the leading monthly publication in its field and continues the legacy of J.I. Rodales original relationship between the declining American soil and healthy American people.

Prevention of human illness starts with a basically healthy diet, using healthier soil, natural techniques and generally learning to steward the land rather than devastate it, as is so often done in traditional agriculture.

But J.I. Rodale knew this as early as 1930 and spent his life dedicated to changing that spectrum of limited human action through the simple, yet straight forward examples that we are given by gardening naturally.

Organic Gardening Magazine has been delving in the most environmentally friendly solutions available to agriculture since its first issue.

J.I. Rodale began putting them to experimental testing as early as the original title Organic Farming and Gardening magazine first set its roots into the American market in 1942 along with what is today Working Tree Center, a place of putting action where before there were only words.

As the most widely read gardening publication in the world, Organic Gardening Magazine provides sources, tools, ideas and the needed information for its readers to successfully grow anything at all without the use of chemicals, effectively becoming stewards of the earth for a more sustainable way of life on earth.

Build a ship in a bottle

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When building your own ship in a bottle, you will wish to take great care in researching the model you intend to build, and this book comes with deep historical insight into each one of the ships, their rigging, their colors, the flags and arms that were displayed while she sailed.

But getting the ships details right is not as important as actually knowing the details and stories that really make a model come to life in the imagination of those who look into the depths of a bottle.

Ships in Bottles is a book that shows step by step with five different projects, how to build the legendary hand-made ship in a bottle, one project more difficult than the other, beginning with the very basic of models to the hardest; making this summer loads of fun.

Since sailing began and the desire to make better ships sprang from the imaginations of seamen whittling away at pieces of drift-wood, gluing old scraps of canvas together with fragments of whatever twine was laying around, the mysterious andlegendary art of building model ships has inevitably inspired stories of great feats and adventures.

Bottles help keep ship models much longer, as they keep young hands away from fragile rigging, preserving the integrity of history and tales of adventure on the high seas farlonger than if the model were not inside a bottle, also making them easily transportable.

This 64-page paperback, written by Guy DeMarco, published by Schiffer in January of 2000, now in its second edition, with 38 black and white photos, 16 color photos, measures 11 x 8.2 x 0.5 and ships at 11.2 ounces.

Five historical ship model projects, kept for that magical scene in a bottle; one ship harder than the last, developing skill and manual dexterity into works of nautical art that will last generations, Ships in Bottles by Guy DeMarco will help your models achieve authentic grace and the embellished style of a professional.

Silver Seeker Metal Detector

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Silver Seeker (SS1) is a user-friendly metal detector for any weather condition, easily detecting precious metals like silver and gold buried up to two feet deep.

It was once upon a time that Black Beard the pirate ravaged the waters of the Caribbean upon the decks of the Queen Anne’s Revenge, a fast and sleek slave ship commandeered for the purpose of the pirating trade, but quarter was given to those ships that surrendered and a code of honor was set forth.

Where did he hide his treasure? Did his crew spend it all? Did they simply die in the pursuit of even more bloodshed after going into retirement for so many months only to die in a hopeless battle among the inlets of Ocracoke Island NC, flat broke?

Or is there still hidden treasure below the sands of our very shores? Chests of bloodstained and stolen Spanish coin? Pearls and Jewels?

No one knows for sure where these reckless souls may have stored their wealth if even they ever did see such riches, but in truth, the real fascination with searching for buried treasure is in the excitement of searching, not the find itself.

It need not cost us years of archeological research, nor many days perhaps even months of studying navigational charts or maps to go on a treasure hunt, each find has a story, and the story itself is worth every second of anticipation, every moment of that adventure.

This professional metal detector by Bounty Hunter, detects up to two feet deep, the waterproof search coil will submerge seven inches underwater, even saltwater.

It has two audio tones, discriminates between useless metals and precious ones as well as paperclips and coins or even different kinds of precious metals.

When we look for lost pirate treasure in the sands of North Carolina or across the stretches of old gold mining ghost towns in the far west this summer, a metal detector can really set the mood for adventure and story.

This metal detector is easily settable to certain frequencies for terrain that comes with mixed mineral traces, has a headphone jack for private listening, requires two nine volt alkaline batteries, measures 20.5 x 6 x 9 and ships at 1 lb.

Silver Seeker metal detector is the perfect tool for fun in the sun, even if all we find are old chains and anchors, or fools gold, the fun is not just in what could have been found but also the story each and every find has to tell, be it an old piece of rigging or pickaxe, arg!

Sneakier Uses for Everyday Things

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Sneakier Uses for Everyday Things is a creative summer projects book with fun and educational activities for children, especially boys that enjoy making creative use of common items as well as gizmos and gadgets.

Teaching children to develop their creative ration sounds like a job for the schools and the board of education, but when we take kids home for the summer, does that mean their education is going to stop?

Of course not, because there is a little McGuiver hiding inside every kid (even little girls), and what better way to bring creative ways of thinking about the world, than with a little ingenuity?

Sneakier Uses for Everyday Things is a book that does just that while enchanting our imaginations AND challenging our speed of thought more than any creative writing or math assignment through fun gadgets and gizmos that will make this summer unforgettable.

This 160-page paperback, written by Cy Tymony, published by Andrews McMeel in October of 2005, measures 6.8 x 4.9 x 0.4 and ships at 8 ounces.

Little boys just love watching McGuiver shows and James Bond movies, and for those young fathers and grandfathers with curious boys that love to mess around with gizmos and gadgets, this bookis filled with activities that could fill a summer vacation with learning and creativity.

CamelBak Hydration Packs

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CamelBak hydration packs are the original hands-free hydration backpacks, available for a wide variety of athletes and sports enthusiasts, developed according to scientific studies, with models for biking, running, outdoor, ski/board, hunting, women-fit, kid-fit and even bug-out kits under the outlaw series.

Originally developed to keep mountain bikers and motor cross riders well hydrated without taking their hands from the handlebars, CamelBak now offers a wide selection of models for other areas with many specialty series that fit the specific use of each athlete.

The reason why CamelBak offers so many different models and sizes is because scientific studies show that athletes tend to drink more fluids when they are readily available, and continuous consumption during activity will improve both performance and overall hydration for an overall healthier activity.

For men, the most popular model is the MULE with a 3 liter liquid capacity and a 9 liter cargo capacity including an MP3 water-resistant pouch for individual sports and for kids there ios the mini-MULE.

For women, the CHARM is probably the most popular, with the largest variety of colors available, holding 1.5 liters of liquid and a simple water-resistant ziplock pouch for keys and other small valuables.

CamelBak hydration packs differ in the amount of liquid they can carry according to the need of the user, from 28-50oz (0.8-1.5L), 70-72oz (2.07-2.13L) and 100oz (2.95L); as well as the cargo they can carry, (calculated in cubic inches) from 20-200, 400-750, 751-1000, 1200-1400, 1400 and up.

They come in a variety of colors, (which are limited somewhat depending on the chosen model), including mens (green, blue, orange, black and brown), womens (light blue, red and grey) and childrens (pink, blue, brown, green and black) colors.

The original hands-free hydration packs, CamelBak hydration packs are made for a variety of sports enthusiasts, from biking, trekking, running, outdoor, skiing, snowboarding, rafting or any activity where optimum hydration is of key importance to maintain ones performance and secure ones overall health from dehydration during the activity.

Rachael Ray Cookware Set

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The Rachael Ray Cookware Set is a ten-piece of pots, skillets and pans, for doing all the basic chores in the kitchen, from frying an egg, making pasta, to preparing that gourmet meal with special French sauces and wines.

This ten-piece cookware set comes in three colors of porcelain enamel in orange, green and blue, Hard Anodized black (with orange handles) and stainless steel (also with orange handles).

The ten pieces that come in this set are the most commonly used pieces of kitchen cookware:

  • 3-quart/10-inch covered sauté pan
  • 10-inch skillet
  • 8-inch skillet
  • 6-quart covered stockpot
  • 3-quart covered saucepan
  • 1-1/2-quart covered saucepan
  • 4 glass lids as pan covers.

Good prices on other colors:

With silicon handles that are oven safe up to 400 degrees F and nonstick finish, the glass lids allow the cook to maximize observation and heat, recommended to be washed by hand, with a limited lifetime warranty, measuring 23 x 13.5 x 12.6and shipping at 20lbs.

For a complete set of the most important pots and pans, with glass lids in the kitchen, Rachael Ray Cookware Set is the perfect ten-piece, that will hang well, and look good!

Rachael Ray’s Official Website

Do-It-Yourself Aquaponics

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BackYardAquaponics is a do-it-yourself aquaponics page with an educational discussion forum that features people who actually do aquaponics themselves and a book with CDs about how to design, build and maintain your very own system by Joel Malcolm.

As the trend on urban agriculture and gardening grows more and more in the US, other countries follow suit, along with their own independently thought up ideas and projects.

Getting this information out on the web is our responsibility, but more importantly than allowing people to see the info, is motivating them to actually take hold of the reigns and do-it-themselves, experimenting with new ideas, perhaps even making a profession out of what appears to have grown only as a hobby.

How few of our younger generation is interested in gardening, much less urban agriculture or a variety of other more sustainable ideas that take us farther and farther along the road to self-reliance and more environmentally friendly practices that meet the needs of our growing society.

Why not take this kind of a project on with your own children as a home-schooling project? It will give them a more complete vision of how Mother Nature really works with interconnectivity.

Just imagine a company, placing an aquaponic model on the roof of the factory, connected to solar panels with signs that illustrate how important all elements in a system contribute to productivity?

Aquaculture and Hydroponics need to be blended to provide a more sustainable system with less ecological footprints; and BackYardAquaponics shows us how to do it in an easy-to-grasp user-friendly manner that really inspire the passionate to make their dreams come true.

Take Damion Hinksons System for example, that appears on the Forum, this is one more example of how innovators can revolutionize our ways of thinking, by using what means he had available, in a country with freshwater challenges and access to the internet, he built his very own aquaponic system at home.

The more people investigating this area, the more it will flourish, faster and the sooner it will become as common a household word as vegetable garden.

You may not be an expert in hydroponics or maybe you are, or perhaps neither an expert in aquaponics or maybe you are; but no matter what your expertise or level of schooling, if you have the passion to dream about doing your own aquaponic system and the courage to ignore the skeptics, be free, do-it-yourself and show others what is possible with aquaponics!

Aquaponic Do-It-Yourself Videos – Build and test your own concepts as this guy shows you on YouTube.com!

Aquaponic Gardening System – Part #1

Aquaponic Gardening System- Part #2

Hydroponic Grow System

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Power Grower is a professional hydroponic grow system, designed in a hexagonal drip system in order to maximize growbed area in a fashionable way; available as a stand-alone version as well as in a modular version (for expansive hydroponic gardens).

Being self-reliant and having your own indoor hydroponic garden with fresh fruits and vegetables all year round can really make the difference.

Or perhaps you are just looking to be certain that your yields will be free of harmful bacteria and diseases that can thrive in solids.

A single head of lettuce takes only 30 days to grow hydroponically, so if a single power grower will hold three or four heads of lettuce, then six or seven modules would be enough to have a fresh head of lettuce every day of the month!

A group of seven modules would only occupy four feet across. And the potential surrounding the area of hydroponics as a locally grown, healthier food source, make systems like the Power Grower very attractive to the next generation of self-reliant Americans.

Included are a 5.7-gallon reservoir, 3-gallon growing chamber, pumping column, support tube, drip ring, ½ grommet, drain level tube, elite 800 air pump, 9L clay pebbles and 3-part flora kit, it measures 15 x 15 x 15, ships at 22 pounds and made by General Hydroponics.

Have your very own hydroponic Power Grower systemat home, starting with a single unit that can be expanded with up to seven modules that fit neatly together only four feet by four feet, and provide your family with a plentiful supply of healthier, fresher foods from your very own kitchen garden for a more modern age.

Power Grower is a hexagonal hydroponic drip system providing your home with a more sustainable technology that takes the backbreaking work out of basic human needs, and the fun back in!

Hydroponic Basics

Posted in Books by admin on February 17, 2008.

Hydroponic Basics is a book for the first time hydroponic grower, looking to build their very own small-scale hydroponic garden and understand all the ins and outs of this coming trend in sustainability.

A great project for parent and child over the weekend or summer vacation, figuring out what kind of knowledge and work really goes into hydroponics are the key elements in this basic how-to manual that is short and sweet, filled to the brim with only the most relevant information, including tips and solutions to common misunderstanding in the field.

Anyone who has taken care of a mini windowsill greenhouse, will know that neither of these areas propose any considerable challenge for the average person, but learning and discovery are really what these small scale experiments are really about and hydroponics is no different.

This 80-page paperback, written and published by George Van Patten in December of 2004, measures 5.6 x 4.2 x 0.1 and ships at 1.6 ounces.

For students, educators and newcomers that see a more sustainable future in the realm of hydroponic growing, this book covers all the hydroponic basics, from plant science, the environment, gardening, supplies to doing-it-yourself construction.

Backyard Market Gardening

Posted in Books by admin on February 15, 2008.

Backyard Market Gardening is the entrepreneurs guide to selling what you grow, allowing the reader to get the best price with minimum effort, buy/build tools to make work faster and more fulfilling, as well as how to improve soil for greater yields.

Making food available locally means fresher food. If everyone made their own produce in the backyard, or in community gardens, there would be a LOT more choices and at far cheaper prices than what we pay for from the country farmer.

The CO2 emissions alone that are created daily in the transportation of one of this nations most valuable resources, fresh foods, is incredible, but by taking our backyards to market for the local neighborhood, we not only are doing a community service, but we are offsetting our CO2 emissions by helping the environment indirectly, eliminating a few eco-miles off the yearly toll on the ozone layer.

Building your own backyard market garden, or a community market garden, is not only going to do something for the environmental air quality around your home and neighborhood, it is going to provide your household and your neighbors with a quality source of fresh foods that fully pays for all the hard work and stimulates community awareness about sustainable practices.

Entrepreneurs that would like to show what stewardship of the Earth can mean in an urban setting, will most certainly find this little manual has the most relevant, need to know information, all in one place.

This 352-page paperback, written by Andrew W. Lee and Pat Foreman, published by Good Earth Publications in August of 1992, measures 8.8 x x 1.1 and ships at 1.2 pounds.

Making a profit from the fruits, flowers, herbs, vegetables and perhaps even small livestock in the backyard, is not only possible, it is done, and Backyard Market Gardening will show the novice everything s/he is looking for to do it right the first time through, for a more self-reliant planet that takes care of the needs of the future, today.


Posted in Planters by admin on February 10, 2008.

For a plug and play stand-alone or closed circuit of hydroponic grow beds, WaterFarm was designed to be the new era of hydroponic home growing for the average American concerned about the quality of fresh produce and the ecological footprints caused in transportation.

When we think of the future, we think of the availability of clean, organic and most importantly, fresh vegetable foods; hydroponics, offers itself as a solution that makes sense.

Just think, a fresh salad everyday, with fresh tomatoes and fresh lettuce. Just imagine what that would do to your quality of life, not to mention the appeal it will create with visitors as they question and ask about the fascinating realm of hydroponics, that until recently was a mystery to most.

Condensing your grow area into a nutrition-filled solution and using the advantages behind square foot gardening, you can grow anything that you would be able to grow in soil, but faster and without the parasites that thrive in soils, providing a far better yield than if the conventional amount of space were being used for soil beds.

WaterFarm makes use of its self-contained system and will easily hook up to a larger circuit if necessary, making it possible to add-on to your year round garden as much or as little as your familys needs demand.

The One foot by one foot, square design with hydroponic catchment system underneath and grow bed above with gravity drip system WaterFarm is simple, easy and fun to put together, for those looking to get an advantage on the grow season all year round, right in the comfort of ones own home.

This plug and play system is a General Hydroponics product that measures one foot by one foot, ships at 16 pounds and is a complete set including a four gallon reservoir, two gallon growing chamber, pumping column, column support tube, drip ring, half inch grommet, drain level tube, Elite 800 air pump 9L Hydroton and three part Flora Kit.

WaterFarm was designed for the average American home owner, concerned about the environment and the quality of fresh produce, allowing anyone to take the worlds future, into their own hands, right now.

Hydroponic Mini Greenhouse

Posted in Planters by admin on January 27, 2008.

Hydro Greenhouse 2 is a tabletop hydroponic mini greenhouse for ages eight and up; an educational product manufactured by Uncle Miltons Back 2 Nature line for a healthier and more sustainable tomorrow, focusing on children and parents alike.

The world we have come to know is suffering from the threat of environmental collapse, and we know this, what will make the difference? Knowledge and the courage to use that knowledge on a more sustainable path for tomorrow.

A tomorrow that has an impact on our lifestyle, and hydroponics can help us teach our children about cause and effect.

A tabletop hydroponic mini-greenhouse like the Hydro Greenhouse 2 is the perfect thing for children eight years old and up and adults will enjoy it as well, especially because it can be placed near the workspace, capable of growing flowers, plants, herbs, vegetables and even fruits, without soil.

Growing without soil may be one of our planets most important future technologies, and it will happen sooner than we might expect, as we open our minds to more alternate lifestyles, lifestyles that are healthier and wiser than the ones we have been living until now.

As computers have taken this most recent generation of children into a virtual reality unlike any other most adults knew as children, hydroponics may be one of the leading supplies of human food sources as those same children grow into adulthood; Uncle Milton believes it is better that they learn about the future while they are still young.

This starter kit in hydroponics is for all ages, comes with a grow bed, nutrient rich solution, greenhouse incubator, auto-feed system that lasts two weeks without need of refill, nutrient reservoir and gardening tools, measuring 19″ x 10″ x 12″ and shipping at 2.5 pounds.

The Hydro Greenhouse 2 tabletop hydroponic mini-greenhouse is the perfect starter kit for all ages, and anyone looking to get a deeper understanding of sustainability; just plant the seeds, add the liquid fertilizing solution, water, watch the plants grow at astounding rates, and harvest, for a better, more sustainable future for the children ofour childrens children, that starts with you, right now.

Windowsill Greenhouse

Posted in Planters by admin on January 22, 2008.

A healing windowsill greenhouse that can be placed in the windowsill is the perfect thing to induce a restorative environment, invigorate and lower stress levels leaving behind a more comfortable ambience.

The idea of the spa or retreat, goes back as far as ancient Greece, when the dream priests of the temple of Asclepius, would welcome visitors to relax and meditate among their gardens of tranquil healing, where even the walls were engraved with the cures of patients past.

Having a doorway into that realm of healing, where things are stress-free is the objective of mini-greenhouse gardens like this one, with three important healing plants; aloe, hyssop and eucalyptus, all three, powerful and aromatic plants that add an aesthetic tone to any room.

Growing exotic plants from around the world in windowsill greenhouses is considered an art to all and a passion by many; allowing varieties to sprout readily, and grow for years.

Chosen for their beauty, healing properties and their ease of growth, aloe, hyssop and eucalyptus can even be used in herbal baths and purification rituals.

Aloe has more than 200 active biological compounds and has been used in folk medicine for thousands of years, eucalyptus, one of the tallest trees in the world, is renowned for its antiseptic properties, while hyssop is one of the oldest medicinal herbs, used in purification baths and rituals, left on the wound to cure infection and promote healing.

Including growing and care instructions, perlite drainage pellets, planting mixture, natural gravel, decorative sensory stones, sprouting and growing terrarium, three color seed packs with hyssop, eucalyptus mix and aloe mix, for ages 4 and up, it measures 9 x 4.5 x 6and ships at 1.2 pounds.

Inducing a restorative environment with a mini greenhouse healing garden for the windowsill will reduce the stress levels in the room and refresh the souls of any who gaze into that meditative realm of natural medicine, even if for only just afew seconds out of each day.

Hydroponic Starter Kit

Posted in Planters by admin on January 16, 2008.

Emily’s Garden is a hydroponic starter kit for those looking for a small-scale sustainable hobby to display around the house or office.

Nothing says I want to go green better than a hydroponic setup in the kitchen windowsill or in the office, because this technology is on the forefront of a more sustainable lifestyle because food is something everyone in the world needs to survive.

Hydroponics are new to a lot of people, and as it is traditionally one of those purely do-it-yourself alternatives that we read about in popular mechanics, few people have actually taken the steps to get one at home.

Emilys Garden makes an excellent gift for those without the time or knowledge to go DIY, but still find themselves interested in hydroponics enough to already get started with no fuss.

When we think about the world of tomorrow, and we are reminded of how so many people of the world have so little, we must look to educational alternatives that may make a difference in the lives of the children yet to come, and by simply owning a small hydroponic system like this one, people will ask, and thus, people will learn.

This hydroponic starter kit manufactured by Hydrofarm, has six grow beds(measuring 6 x 6 x 7each), a two gallon reservoir, nutrient rich solution, seed starter cubes, nutrient pH testing kit, pH neutral clay aggregate, air pump, tubing, formed cover, water level indicator, illustrated instructions, it measures 16 x 24 x 6, sits easily on a bench, shelf, table or patio and ships at 26 pounds preis viagra bestellen.

Emilys Garden is a great hydroponic starter kit for those looking to make a difference for the future, starting now, by making the effort to show how far alternative methods can take us toward a more sustainable reality, with technology that virtually takes care of itself, just add nutrients, water, seeds and harvest regularly.

Emily’s Garden Instruction Sheet

USB Greenhouse

Posted in Plants by admin on January 15, 2008.

A USB Greenhouse is a great way to lighten up your computer workstation, with desktop plants that can be monitored from your PC, through a standard USB cable.

Daily meditation has been said to do good for relieving stress levels, and while not all of us have the time to stop into a church, a quiet garden or take a two week vacation into the hills during lunch, much less for just five minutes when the work is really piling on, we can create a window into the wonderful world of nature, right at the desktop.

With this USB Powered Mini Greenhouse, you can make sure that the plants are being taken care of properly, straight through the USB cable that does all the interface monitoring from your PC.

The plant you decide upon is your decision, but with mini greenhouses like this one from Generic, it is important that you choose one that is important to you, because its a lot like having a window into yourfavorite place in nature, except that this one comes with PC support, and unlike a pet, wont rip the sofa apart if you leave it alone, just remember to add water/light and it will be happy.

Ever been to the tropical Amazon rainforests of Brazil, and would like to travel their again to see your favorite tropical flowers? What about the deep heart of Africa, where some of the worlds most sensitive plants thrive in abundance? Plants can take us places very special and dear, if for even just five minutes, and that is enough to bring us back in touch with ourselves.

This Mini Greenhouse from Generic, comes with a USB power cable, to be plugged directly into your computer, with interface that monitors growth rate, calendar, wallpaper, bookmark settings anda watering reminder; while the greenhouse has a four-foot cable, adjustable growth light, easy view window for maximum plant protection, removable tray and a starter pack with marigold seeds and artificial soil, the package itself measures 6.7 x 6.7 x 8.9 and ships at only 3 pounds.

The USB Greenhouse from Generic comes with marigold seeds and artificial soil, for a complete start-up kit that just needs to be plugged into the PC and regularly added water, for your own little window into nature, that cuts down stress levels; making things better, with color, life, and that special quiet moment each day to yourself.

Christmas Tree Bag

Posted in Christmas by admin on January 10, 2008.

This Christmas Tree Bag will hold up to a 7 feet 6 inches imitation pine tree, it comes with a sturdy handle for easy transportation, easy access zipper closure, protecting from moisture, dust and damage.

Every year, Christmas brings the same Yule tide chores, including the wonderful experience of going through the storage and getting the tree out, lugging it up or down stairs, putting it up, taking it down, and then having to store it somewhere out of the way for next year.

Most people just dont enjoy transporting the Christmas tree around as much once the Christmas carols have been sung or the presents opened, nor do they enjoy packing them up when it comes time to move.

This is why Christmas Tree Bags were invented, and at the beginning of next season, a bag like this one will really make the difference when it comes time to put the tree up and take it down.

Nine feet is about as tall as they come nowadays, anymore than that is just too tall for most ceilings, but six footers are already big trees, and as long as your tree is made from separate parts, great, most of the decorations will fit for smaller trees, which is why this bag measures 56 x 13 x 28, that is about all the space most people need to use to store their artificial trees.

A Christmas Tree Storage Bag can keep imitation pine trees and even decorations all in one place, protect them from moisture, dust or damage during transportation and storage, all year round, for a more fun loving family moment.

Decorative Concrete

Posted in Books by admin on January 9, 2008.

Decorative Concrete is a colorful home improvement manual for those looking to do it themselves, both indoors and outdoors, with all kinds of aesthetic additions where imagination is the limit and desire is the key to success.

Before the dark-ages, more than two thousand years ago, the Roman Empire had already perfected the use of limestone and clay to keep their city-state safe from invaders and they already knew the secrets we use preciously today.

Let the ancient décor of lost Keptchu civilizations, Egyptian, Greek, Persian or perhaps even Mayan or Aztec delight the surroundings of your home in a meditation that takes you into a world of inspiration, through concrete.

Design ideas, instructions to address all sorts of solutions, from fireplaces surrounds, garden art, garden planters, pathways, floors, stepping-stones, counters, sinks, tabletops, columns, pyramids, spheres, cubes or whatever the imagination is capable of creating, this book is filled to the brim with emphasis on extravagance.

Finishing techniques such as, surface designs, paint treatments, polishing, sculpting, carving and texturing with mosaics and insets; you can tell stories in elaborate decoration that rival even the vast empire of Rome itself, all it takes is focus and intent on your inner most desires, and let them loose, in a permanentform.

With sixteen different projects to get you started, fully comprehensive step-by-step how-to photos, these easy to follow directions make each new piece of artwork an adventure in and of itself, taking you just that much closer to your own paradise at home.

This 192-page paperback, written by Jeanne Huber, is now in the second edition as of July 2007, published by Sunset Books, with 385 colorful photos, more than a 100 images and 50 pages more than the first edition, measuring 10.50 x 8.1 x 0.5 and shipping at 1.3 lbs.

Decorative Concrete is a DIY book for those looking to transform their home into a special meditation, filled with vast expanses of human art work in concrete, it is open to anyone willing to study the masters; this is self-reliance, taking concrete artwork onto a whole other level, one that transcends even thousands of years, permanently, in the vast expanses of your own home.

Outdoor Stonework

Posted in Books by admin on November 12, 2007.

Outdoor Stonework is a book on rock gardening for those interested in enhancing their outdoor spaces in a creative and artistic fashion that is an expression of ones imagination using the environment to advantage.

Traditionally speaking, rock gardening has taught the warrior to manipulate his surroundings and use them to his advantage, but stonework goes beyond this, launching into the realm of unlimited dreams and fetching them into stone.

Thousands of years ago, the very first hospitals, known as the Temples of Asclepius, had such awe inspiring stonework done to provide a permanent form for the healing dreams that had cured patient after patient, each work of stone teaching a different lesson on different ailments and cures.

Essentially, that is what one learns from placing a piece of stonework in an outdoor space, be the project as simple as an arrangement of bolder rocks, to the complexities of 13th century gargoyles chiseled by hand and the size of a crouching animal ready to attack.

Safety, natural features, unique walls, stylish paving, Zen-style gardens, garden table, retaining wall or even flagstone steps; everything has been fully photographed and perfectly well detailed through construction diagrams and cross-section drawings, that permit a concise easy to read and fully comprehend text.

With sixteen different DIY projects that range from simple novice to the more complex, this book offers a wide range of styles to choose from, and with every new project, a new lesson can be learned, about ones self and how to better use the infinite power of human imagination to form hard stone, into a permanent dream that can be appreciated generation after generation.

This 128-page paperback, written by garden expert couple Alan and Gill Bridgwater, published by Storey in January of 2001, measures 10.8 x 8.4 x 0.4 and ships at 1.2 lbs.

For easy to build yard or garden projects that enhance beauty, Outdoor Stonework focuses on sixteen different projects for your outdoor spaces that are certain to make you look like an expert, step-by-step, project after project and inevitably, experience after experience for generations to come.

Teaming with Microbes

Posted in Books by admin on June 24, 2007.

Instead of taking the purely scientific approach, Teaming with Microbes: A Gardeners Guide to the Soil Food Web takes a new approach to an old idea for gardening books; showing just how the web of life in soil actually works as a whole, unified system that is perfect in and of itself, in a metaphorical language that we can all relate to, on a human level.

Teaming with Microbes by Jeff Lowenfels, Wayne Lewis and published by Timber Press offers a friendly and comprehensive tone of voice that really is interesting to read, filled with useful information that not only makes you understand what its like down there, but really inspires the kind of passion a gardener her/himself feels and has been looking for in others.

Lownfels and Lewis advocate for a more organic approach to gardening, but instead of just stating their opinions, they go in depth to details about the very way of life of your garden inhabitants, without adding in.

Always quick and to the point, each word is placed so carefully on the page, as if these two were writing a Short Story, to give meaningful statements that need not repeat nor say how they feel, but show through concrete examples that we as readers can agree with and most of all, understand as fellow forms of life.

Teaming with Microbes is the kind of book you get when you want to actually be transported into the soil below your flowers and vegetables as if you were on some distant sci-fi world of swords and magic, playing out an adventure in gardening.

Measuring 9.1 x 6 x 0.9 and shipping at 1.3 lbs, this 196 page hardcover is published by Timber Press Incorporated and was reprinted in July of 2006; still a classic for anyone looking to delve into an organically perfect universe below their very feet.

Teaming with Microbes was written to appeal to human beings, not just rational scientists, by showing scientific knowledge in a way that any average reader will be inspired to read on into the realm of the soil food web without needing to be a professional botanist or fall asleep.

Teaming with Microbes is the perfect thing for those looking to understand the soil food web in minimal details through exciting and real examples that any reader will relate to.

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OXO Watering Can

Posted in Tools by admin on June 21, 2007.

OXO Pour and Store Watering Can is from the Good Grips line up, and allows for economical storage/watering with either the fine rose-sensitive nozzle or the water-saving traditional spout that rotates the can into a more compact position, either way, efficiency is on your side with this orange OXO watering can.

Also available in green, what makes this can cool, is the reversible nozzle that will extend when in use and screws back against the body of the watering can while in storage, with a pressure sensitive extension nozzle that plugs into the filling hole when not in use, avoiding mosquitoes.

The nozzle also comes with marking measurements that figure in with the amount of water in the main body to give you a more exact measurement, while taking care of your bonsai, herbs or other miniature garden pots as the case for water conservation may be.

Measuring 8 x 3.5 x 3.5 and weighing 6 ounces, this orange watering can by OXO holds one quart (ideal for house/office plants and container gardens, where water conservation is vital) and allows your garden to be just a little bit more self-reliant.

This orange OXO Pour & Store Watering Can provides a continuous soft sprinkle/traditional nozzle and useful non-slip rubber on both handle and nozzle, with higher quality measurements that also allow for a more economical storage, and a more sensible tomorrow; through the conservation of our earths most precious resource, life giving water, one garden at a time.

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Italian Herb Garden Planter

Posted in Planters by admin on June 21, 2007.

This Italian Herb Garden Planter is a neat little starter kit for those interested in growing their own herbs at home for a more sustainable home using easy to manage Basil, Chives and Oregano, but will hold virtually any other herbs you might prefer.

The history of herbs in Italy is a long one, dating back to Ancient times, in cultures and civilizations that lived in city states, each with its own style of cooking (as Italy unified only in 1861) such as Greek, Roman, Goth, Norman, Frank, Gallic, Germanic, Turkish, Chinese, Arab, Slavic and Hebrew, this miniature window garden reflects those cultures with the use of three robust and basic Italian Herbs; Basil, Chives and Oregano.

Measuring 5 x 6 x 6 and shipping at only 1 pound this is an excellent addition to your kitchen window, complete with Terra Cotta Planter, full growing instructions, recipe book, premium seeds from all three species and peat pellets.

Italian Herb Garden PlanterThis mini Italian Herb Garden Planter for your windowsill, gives you a perspective on the origins of Italian herbs and a feeling for Italian Cuisine that is unlike going to the store to simply purchase what you need.

The beauty in this Italian Herb Garden Planter is feeling it first hand and provides the first time herb grower a hint of what it really means to grow-it-yourself, in a world that is becoming ever more self-reliant, for a tomorrow that remembers its great past, today.

Cooking With Herbs In An Italian Kitchen by Deborah Mele

Japanese Red Maple Bonsai

Posted in Plants by admin on June 21, 2007.

Here is a Japanese Red Maple Bonsai, a miniature maple tree that has been professionally shaped from the time of its birth to enhance your home, garden or office and provide the novice Bonsai enthusiast a healthy beginning.

Starting this hobby can be a lot easier with a Bonsai that has already been started; like this Japanese Red Maple that was carefully grown in a controlled environment in China for five years and allowed to grow from 12 to 16 inches tall.

Brussels Bonsai Nursery has been selling bonsais in the mail since the 1970s, and has been traveling professionally to Asia since as early as 1980, with more than 20 years of international experience in the field, Brussels brings you this Japanese Red Maple as an excellent choice for the American Bonsai Master in training.

The large trunk base, balanced root spread, evenly tapered trunk with brilliant summer leaves and paler red fall leaves, this outdoor deciduous bonsai makes a great gift and ships for only 7 pounds.

A Japanese Red Maple Bonsai is a look at the world in miniature, a place where the senses coalesce into a moment of Zen-Buddhism, blending the artificial with natural, into a single blue ceramic pot that is simplistic, yet conceptually ideal in all its aesthetic beauty.

The box may ship with packing peanuts only in the event of unusually shaped bonsai, but on the whole, some defoliating may occur.

So, as soon as you receive your tiny blue-potted maple, be sure to remove it from the box in a shaded location, this will keep it from experiencing climate shock.

Japanese Red Maple BonsaiSlowly, inspect for damage to the branches or trunk, water if wet and keep in the shade for at least a week or two before allowing it back into full sunlight, as they are very sensitive and will react badly to harsh environment changes.

If this is to be a gift, you may want to send it to yourself first, then take it to its new owner after it has fully adapted to the new climate, this will ensure that it stays healthy and fills with enchanting red leaves next summer.

This Japanese Red Maple is the perfect outdoor bonsai tree for your watergarden, kitchen, patio or relaxation gazebo, fulfilling a philosophical role that will be felt by those who visit you before it is even seen with the human eye.

Xchair Hammock

Posted in Outdoor Furniture by admin on June 18, 2007.

The Xchair is a self-sustaining hammock that is quick to assemble, lightweight and fashionable, made by hand by cultures that have been making hammocks for generations.

Green Eggs and Hammocks has more than 1500 manufacturers designers, innovators and artisans of handmade hammocks in developing and industrialized countries worldwide and Xchair is just one of the finer results.

With a broad based supply, new products are always in development and wholesale prices consistently lower, making Xchair both cutting edge and affordable for you.

Xchair HammockOver 27 million people in Northern and Central America sleep in hammocks every night, and Xchair supplies that kind of comfort in a reclining chair style that gives the sensation of floating; supporting your body at all points exactly as it demands.

Both an indoor and outdoor hammock, fitting four feet by four feet of floor space, Xchair measures 48 x 14 x 6 inches and weighs 54 pounds, made from soft cotton, with a powder coated steel frame.

Xchair is a great way to provide sustainable income for more than a thousand artisans around the world that protect this ancient art and create a fashionable yet affordable wholesale hammock that your family and friends will enjoy.

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Stackable Planter

Posted in Planters by admin on June 18, 2007.

The Stackable Planter is for that aesthetic array of 20 flowers and/or herbs in the house or on the patio, providing your home with the excellence of a full garden in even the smallest of spaces.

This rollable 2.5D x 2.5H planter is for easy indoor/outdoor use, perfect for the flower and herb lover, providing the lightweight herbs, flowers or even strawberries that you most enjoy.

If you enjoy cultivating your own teas, cooking or making floral arrangements every now and then, this stackable planter allows you to choose from 20 different pots; your choice of perfection.

Made from heavy duty plastic, this stackable planter is weather proof, UV protected with no fading, and allows you to be creative with your herb, spice, berry and flower rack.

When not in use, this all American stackable planter collapses for easy storage, assembles easily and comes with a one year limited warranty as the voice of trust.

Let a tasty display of herbs, or a cascade of flowers bloom in the entryway to your home, bringing good energies to peoples hearts as they arrive and fill you with the knowledge that your stackable planter is your very own creation, reflecting your tastes with perfection.

Company Info:
Stack and Grow

Your Backyard Herb Garden

Posted in Books by admin on June 18, 2007.

Your Backyard Herb Garden by Miranda Smith is a compact book dedicated to cultivating 50 of your very own backyard herbs, in a natural and all-organic way that is good for the environment and helps you become more self-reliant.

Ever dreamt of cultivating your very own herbs? As the ancient samurai of feudal Japan once did, this art form is not just a philosophical endeavor among those that dabble in the way of sword, it is open to everyone from spiritualist to scientist; this is a book for putting special flavors into your backyard garden.

Working with herbs is one of the founding blocks of ancient medicine and as this becomes a growing area among medical doctors of today, the demand for gardeners that know how to cultivate eventhe simplest of herbs also grows, this book is for every family with children or homeowner that thinks ahead.

Your Backyard Herb Garden is a safe way to approach herb gardening for the first time, with a full spectrum of ideas that range from cooking, crafts, insect repellants, health care, cosmetics and more; including a fully illustrated herb directory that gives practical advice and tips for success on your first attempt.

This 160 page paperback by Rodale Books was first released in January of 99, measures 9.7 x 7.5 x 1.1 and ships at 1.1 lbs.

Fifty of the most popular herbs and information on uses, harvesting, care, growing, pest control, watering, fertilizing and soil building; allowing you to cultivate teas, vinegars, potpourris and crafts of all kinds.

Enjoy Your Backyard Herb Garden with Miranda Smith, a charming writer and skilled gardener that teaches how to build your own self-reliant herb garden, right at home.

Hanging Strawberry Basket

Posted in Garden Gadgets by admin on June 12, 2007.

This hanging strawberry basket kit has everything you need to start your own mini-strawberry garden out on the patio or deck, wherever it is most elegantly displayed.

Buzzy makes some of the best seed starter kits around and has over one hundred years of collective experience, making sure that you get only the best quality seeds available.

Hanging Strawberry BasketThis hanging strawberry basket is a starter kit for the do-it-yourselfer looking for a product that was made locally (Kulpmont, PA) right here in the great USA.

Measuring 10.25 x 5.25 x 10.25 and weighing almost two pounds, this kit comes with ten inch wire chains, potting soil, strawberry seeds, natural moss liner and growing instructions; all you need to do is plant, water and eventually harvest sweet strawberries you grew on your own without hardly any work.

This is definitely one of the more popular items from Buzzy because it is a verticalized mini-garden that provides in abundance and was designed for stylish performance in small spaces, great for those who dont enjoy kneeling or over bending.

If you enjoy, just water your plants after they have been planted and maybe even sing or talk with them, this starter kit is perfect coming with one packet of Strawberry Temptation, which will produce strawberries even in the first season, no matter if you give the plant attention or not (only water and sunlight are necessary).

Blending the latest trends with solid trial tested performance, this hanging strawberry basket from Buzzy is a symbol of what sustainability and self-reliance can really mean to a proud nation such as ours, in a moment when understanding of nature is at its most needed.

Motivate your fiends and family to see (and taste) the truth of a more sustainable tomorrow, with your own elegant hanging strawberry basket, Made in America.

Hanging Tomato Basket

Posted in Planters by admin on June 12, 2007.

This hanging tomato basket is a do-it-yourself mini-garden that looks great on the patio or porch; just plant the seeds in the wire basket, water and let it thrive.

Everyone enjoys such concepts as verticalized gardens, suspended gardens and more sustainable practices such as home gardening, but how often do you see them in an aesthetic fashion that will provoke comments from your visitors?

Hanging Tomato BasketThe ten-inch wire basket weighs as little as two pounds and comes with a chain, natural moss liner, potting soil and seed packets.

This is a self-contained mini-garden, no weeding, no kneeling, no mulching, nothing that would effect a ground based tomato plant, like your pet rabbit, because it is suspended in the air, making watering a snap.

A hanging tomato basket is beautiful, useful, easy to water, grows on its own and will produce lovely tomatoes that will flourish season after season.

Have your own mini-garden just outside the kitchen with a hanging tomato basket that allows you to grow and pick your very own tomatoes without all the weeding and kneeling of garden work; making life just that much more sustainable, for a better and greener tomorrow.

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Hanging Plant Bag

Posted in Planters by admin on June 9, 2007.

A Hanging Plant Bag is a plastic bag with a sturdy handle that you fill up with optimum quality humus, then strategically plant bulbs throughout the plastic with your favorite flowers, herbs, ivy, pansies or berries.

These Hanging Plant Bags are an interesting solution to space for your lightweight plants and they also keep slugs or other ground critters away, allowing a better use of the vertical space in your backyard, greenhouse or garden has necessary.

Perennials, Portulaca, Strawberries, Ivy, Pansies, Impatiens or Herbs of any small size are perfect for hanging in plant bags because they are lightweight and will take firm hold of the soil you choose without complaining over invaders or weeds with the plastic serving as mulch and insulation.

Hanging Plant BagThese Growin Bags will hold up to gravity, season after season, and can be hung on virtually anything from a nail to a mounted hook in the ceiling beam, but were made for convenience, so you can put them exactly where you want them with exactly what you want to display.

In the kitchen window, on your patio at chest height or just hung in the greenhouse with all the other plants in an array of hanging gardens that defy logic in a cascade of floating magic, hanging plant bags such as these are limited only by your imagination.

Let the art of gardening more intelligently into your life with these hanging plant grow bags that are made from a durable plastic measuring 0.1 x 8.5 x 24 and weigh only 3.2 oz each.

Hanging Plant Bags take care of your most precious bulbs so well they could be prize winning by the time they finally mature. They make the most of vertical spaces in the simplest way, perfect for growing your very own lightweight flowers and herbs more efficiently.

Hanging Plant Bags combine the ancient technology of Babylon with the powerful wisdom todays engineers to provide you with a more self-reliant and sustainable gardening item that allows light weight plants to be abundant in your life, in even the smallest spaces.

Topsy Turvy Tomato Tree

Posted in Planters by admin on June 8, 2007.

Topsy Turvy Tomato Tree is a three-in-one self-contained planter that uses the same principle as the Topsy Turvy Upside Down planter from Felknor Ventures, but instead of planting out the bottom, this planter branches out the sides at three angles, six feet from the ground, taking up only four feet by four feet of living space.

A combination of Felknor Ventures Patio Grow Pole with the Topsy Turvy, the Topsy Turvy Tomato Tree allows you to raise a combination of three plants; tomatoes, peppers, eggplants, herbs, flowers or other vegetables.

In balconies, patios, decks, small yards, apartments or even mobile homes as you find necessary, without needing elaborate dirt planters or big backyards. The secret to Topsy Turvy Tomato Tree is a verticalized gardening solution for the urban and cramped space dweller.

Topsy Turvy Tomato Tree blends sustainable architecture with sustainable gardening to produce an incredible solution at a moment when the American people are most in search of self-reliance and the adaptability to overcome.

Four feet by four feet is just about as small a space as you are going to find anywhere, if not the absolute smallest for raising as many as 100 tomatoes that can be trimmed, fed, harvested and watered without any stooping, weeding or mulching.

Tomato TreeTopsy Turvy Tomato Tree is a self-contained solution for a more sustainable tomorrow, and once again, Felknor Ventures brings the American community a revolutionary product that meets our societys home gardening needs; weighing only 15 pounds empty and easily assembled and planted upon delivery (seeds not included).

Topsy Turvy Tomato Tree is a practical solution to small space indoor/outdoor gardening for even those with mobility challenges; unlocking the gardener at the depths of our soul with a productive flour, herb or vegetable garden that breaths the very life of Mother Nature herself, back into those overbearing human-made structures with a passion that is in all of us.

Topsy Turvy Tomato Tree branches-out three upside-down-plants from the same self-contained planter at standing height, allowing you one of the largest gardens available in one of the smallest spaces available, only four feet by four feet on the ground and six feet high.

Gardening Without Water

Posted in Books by admin on June 2, 2007.

Gardening Without Water is a book about sustainable gardening methods with advice on irrigation, lawn treatment, planting and mulching techniques that use only rainwater to create breathtaking gardens.

Written by Charlotte Green, Gardening Without Water is a 64-page paperback published by Search Press in August of 99 that measures 11.4 x 8.5 x 0.2 and ships at 11 ounces.

Charlotte Green is an expert in using and reusing rainwater to better our lives and the lifespan of our gardens, no matter how arid, dry or desert-like our home seems to be.

Her own 40-acre woodland contains more than 250 species of wild plants, but her knowledge goes beyond, traveling the world, studying exotic flora and fauna to get a better idea for what will grow where, what will survive and what will not.

Drought-resistant plants, dozens of herbs, vegetables and flowers, roofwater harvesting, gray-water from the drains and learning to increase the water supply for your garden even during the driest monthsof the years through technology, knowledge and a little creative thinking.

Selecting plants with a lower water requirement, planted in such a manner that fruits and vegetables alike will mature on frugal amounts of water, using mulch to reduce water lossand knowing how to keep a garden looking good are just some of the tips you will find in Gardening Without Water.

How to grow, design and maintain a garden are things you will find anywhere; Gardening Without Water is different in that it teaches how to collect, store and use water sparingly to achieve more sustainable methods of gardening while still maintaining our main objective; inspire beautiful art, through nature.

Mosquito Magnet Octenol Biting Insect Attractant

Posted in Mosquito Magnet by admin on May 30, 2007.

Octenol is an additive to CO2 lures in biting insect traps such as Mosquito Magnet, acting as a non-toxic attractant that reproduces mammal breath.

Mosquito Magnet Octenol Biting Insect Attractant comes with three cartridges (item number OCT-3) at 1,660mg per cartridge measuring 1.2 x 5 x 7.5 and weighing 3.2 ounces with a one-year limited warranty.

One cartridge will last for three weeks, it is odorless and non-toxic to humans, silent and very alluring to female biting insects; especially those living in the northern continental united states.

All American Biophysics Biting Insects Abatement Systems will work with this cow breath in a can, including models 1000MM-PRO, 3000MM-LIBERTY, and 4000MM-DEFENDER.

Octenol is one of the eight known attractants and is a remarkable lure for mosquitoes together with CO2 as it alone is not enough to reel them in because mosquitoes need to taste the smell of something we mammals give off naturally and octenol is the perfect lure.

Mosquito Magnet Octenol Biting Insect Attractant comes in packs with three cartridges that will last a total of nine weeks (three weeks each), eliminating the mosquito threat up to 1 acre around your yard when properly used with Mosquito Magnet.

Mosquito Magnet Octenol Biting Insect Attractant helps keep your family and neighbors safe from mosquitoes and free to enjoy nature once again.

Earth Shoes

Posted in Outdoor Sports by admin on May 28, 2007.

Earth shoes use Kalso Negative Heel technology and environmentally sound business ethic to provide both a more environmentally friendly product as well as a more culturally sustainable environment for its employees.

Healthier for the person wearing them and healthier for those who actually make them; Earth shoes improve the quality of life of everyone they touch without harming innocent animals for their leather.

Earth shoes are made with environmentally responsible methods and are themselves a more responsible product for a more responsible tomorrow, using Kalso Negative Heel technology that appeals to a healthier community.

Manufactured in China, Earth takes it upon themselves to maintain factory standards as high as those in the USA, providing a model environment that is culturally and financially more sustainable for its employees.

Earth works just as hard to improve the quality of life of its employees as it does its clients, taking environmental responsibility to a more demanding level.

The Kalso Negative Heel technology that Earth uses and its various shoe lines are not only healthier, but also, do not harm animals in any way, catering to lacto-vegetarian and Vedic philosophies.

Earth shoes are a high-tech product that uses modern science and chemistry to improve our quality of life, building endurance with minimal effort, correcting posture, eliminating back pain, burning more calories by walking inclined 3.7, gently stimulating and exercising muscles as well as aiding in our natural walking motion.

The secret to Earth shoes are the Kalso soles. The Kalso-Lite for example is more lightweight, more flexible than the traditional model (which simulates a treadmill sensation), promoting dynamic health benefits.

So if you are looking to buy shoes that protest the needless sacrifice of innocent animals for their hides, promote their manufactures quality of life and will also, burn calories, correct posture, build endurance and stimulate your muscles naturally; Earth Shoes are the most competitive and ideal choice available on the market since they were founded more than 30 years ago.

Earth Shoes take it upon themselves to promote the protection of all forms of life, including yours.

Traditional Persian Rug

Posted in Furnishings by admin on May 24, 2007.

The Myth of the Persian Rug

Aeons ago, in the days of the Ancient Persian Empire, the first rugs were weaved of knots made from wool and cotton.

More than 3,500 years before Christ was born, when the world was still walked by the Fae and the Djinn; creatures of folk tales, myth and magic…

It was in this time that instead of sleeping upon the sand as peasants would, the first despotic kings of Persia began to sleep upon rugs.

Many a merchant also desired such novelties; until little under two generations, this had become a widespread invention that was accessible to even the lowliest of slaves for at that time it was permitted that slaves had possessions.

The competition to weave ever more beautiful and elaborate designs and patterns into Persian rugs, soon took hold of the entire Empire, until such lavishness and art work had never before been seen on earth.

It is said that the ferries had found this human form of art so intriguing, that naturally they had to contribute their own magical talents in some way.

It was by the eldest son of three, Prince Houssain, the wisest child of the Sultan (of what today is called Baghdad), the first Magic Rug was obtained.

He was not in his home city of Baghdad, but far off in a distant land, traveling in search of the greatest present he could find to gift his father that he may win the hand of his young and beautiful niece; who was equally sought after by his two younger brothers.

This Persian rug he obtained possessed the power to take a traveler upon it to any destination that he so wished instantly; but also held other, more spiritual powers as well.

By staring into the geometric designs and shapes of the artwork of what appeared to be an ordinary rug of little value, the travelers mind, could distance itself from the body, giving the user an ethereal formthat would take them into the realm of fae and djinn or travel the earth in search of knowledge and secrets that only the ferries could obtain.

Whoever possessed the magic rug, could become even the most powerful of creatures in the realm of Fae, through this ethereal form as well; creating entire worlds and kingdoms as vast and as infinite as their own human imaginations could possiblybe.

Any individual who might by chance sleep upon the magic carpet achieved this same ethereal effect automatically!

Houssain gave the rug to his father, but in the end, did not marry his niece, for it was instead his second brother, Ali, the one who would finally win her heart.

Instead, he went on to become a Dervish priest, of the holy order, renouncing his status as a prince and at the same moment, all worldly things.

Houssain in time became so powerful in spiritual ways that he could enter this ethereal body without the use of the rug, which lay unused, in his fathers museum.

Houssain could enter the realm of fae and djinn in anyplace, sitting down or lying as he wished, below a waterfall or even in the deepest snow, traveling great distances instantly with nothing but the power of his own mind.

His power was so great that while in the ethereal form, Houssain could even cause his body to radiate such heat that the snow would melt into bubbling pools of steaming water around him.

Houssain wenton to teach other Dervish, this secret of the Fae that he had learned with the first Magic Rug, but the rug itself was forgotten in the palace of his family, until a new dynasty overthrew them, hundreds of years later when the rug was then given to a poor soldier as his part in the spoils of war.

Down the generations, and from merchant to merchant, Houssains magic rug was lost and upon occasion, found, by pets, slaves and even children that might on occasion fall asleep upon it, as a child makes little distinction of wealth, but rather simply sleeping when tired.

So if you by chance, find before you a Persian rug that seemingly appears common or unworthy, yet, of Persian descent, it just may be more valuable than you know, there would then be only one way to find out its true worth…obtaining one yourself.

This machine woven, soil/stain/fade resistant Traditional Area Rug (Red) is made of 100% Polypropylene and measures 7’8″x10’5″; a direct descendant of Houssains Magic Rug. -Mário Lopez

iRobot Roomba Intelligent Vacuum

Posted in Cleaning by admin on May 22, 2007.

This futuristic red vacuuming robot is intelligent, a standard model from the Roomba series, made by iRobot, automatically vacuuming whole floor surfaces with only the push of a button, under furniture, in corners and main areas, with a total average of four passes.

The Roomba will leave its charging station with the press of a button and return on its own when the job is completed or when the battery is in need of recharging.

The Red Roomba will avoid falling from staircases or unlevel floors, staying on level surfaces while still automatically adjusting from carpets to hard floors with an intelligent detection device that includes a self-locating, localized GPS-like mechanism.

There are eight different models, and this red vacuuming robot was the second generation for the Roomba series (the most standard model available), using manual activation to begin optimum performance along with its special cliff-detection technology (cliff-detection is what made this model different).

Other Roomba models from iRobot include a variety of extras (in different colors) such as dirt-detection, extra cleaning modes, scheduling device, Intelli-bin empty alert and pet awareness radar.

This red iRobot Roomba intelligent vacuum comes with an entry-level robotic floorvac and dirt detection system with cliff sensors (this models innovation).

It auto adjusts to floor surfaces, has a 2-hour battery (APS rechargeable in seven hours) and an easy to empty debris bin.

The edge cleaning side brush and air filter make for tighter/cleaner sweeps, while the virtual wall confines geometrically challenging areas like furniture for efficiency.

Measuring 18.4 x 14.8 x 4.5 and weighing 10.2 lbs, this red vacuuming robot by iRobot finally brings Isaac Asimovs science fiction world of intelligent robots to life, helping us achieve a more sustainable existence; in the comfort of our own homes, today.

This iRobot Roomba Intelligent Vacuum is not just science fiction anymore; Asimovs Legacy is nowtrue reality, the red vacuuming robot was built to provide sustainability for future generations, while protecting our needs, right now!

Mosquito Facts

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A few things you might like to know about Mosquitoes

Mosquitoes are slenderly built, with three body sections and six delicately long legs. They have two wings, covered in scales and the three sections are head, thorax and abdomen.

Mosquitoes are much like a tiny grasshopper no larger than 15mm (0.6 inch). They weigh between 2 and 2.5 mg (0.03 to 0.04 grain) and fly at about 1.5 to 2.5 km/h (0.9 to 1.6 mph).

Their wings can beat at about 500 to 1,000 times per second and the majority of the some 3500 species are nocturnal.

Their head portion has two compound eyes, with numerous lenses, all pointed in different directions. It has two antennae used for feeling around and direction sense. The mouth is a snout like tube funnel called a proboscis that extends down and is used like a straw to sipplant juices.

In the female the proboscis is used to sip blood for when she is ready to become fertile and make a nice home for incubating her eggs.

The head sits on the thorax with an extremely short and thin neck. The thorax looks like a triangle with patterned scales that are used to identify the species.

The thorax has six strong inner muscled legs, each with a tiny pair of claws that help with balancing, climbing and hanging upside down on the ceiling. The two wings are also located on the thorax along with a pair of knob like appendages called halters, which are used for balance and replace the other two wings of what may have once been a four set making them different from houseflies.

Their abdomen is a slender and long tube; some are pointed or rounded at the end. This is where they breathe through spiracles, eight pairs to be precise. The air flows through these spiracles and is distributed by way of tubes that reach the whole body.

The word mosquito or mosquitoes in English is derived from the Spanish word mosquito meaning little gnat or little fly, a diminutive from the Latin musca meaning, fly.

The earliest usage of the word in English is found in 1583 to distinguish the mosquito from the common house fly which has four wings while the mosquito has only two wings covered in scales with little rods for balancing that replace the other two wings.

The Romans probably came up with the word from the sound some mosquitoes make while buzzing around muzzzzz and maybe the impact a hand makes ka but that is pure speculation because taxonomy didnt become a practice until Carolus Linnaeus made his first draft of Systema Naturae in 1735 while living in the Netherlands.

As the Roman language of Latin was the universal language at that time, the educated used it to communicate and thus Systema Naturae was published in Latin and initially divided creatures into Kingdoms, Classes, Orders, Genera and Species.

To be precise according to what has become modern taxonomy, mosquitoes are of a family called Culicidae belonging to the order of Diptera (the larger group of mosquitoes, gnats and flies from the Greek root, di = two; ptera = wings).

The family of Culicidae contains around 3500 different species of mosquitoes, all of which can be put into three subfamilies to make things simpler for everyone. Anophelinae, Toxorhynchitinae and Culicinae.

Anophelinae has three Genera all its own, Toxorhynchitinae only one Genera, while Culicinae has exactly nine Genera of which 80% of all species belong.

The Genera include: Anopheles, Culex, Psorophora, Ochlerotatus, Aedes, Sabethes, Wyeomyia, Culiseta, and Haemagoggus.

Within the family of Anophelinae alone six subgenera are recognized: Stethomyia, Lophopodomyia, Kerteszia, Nyssorhynchus (all South American), Cellia (Old World only) and Anopheles (worldwide).

While that sounds like a bunch of technical mumbo jumbo, it just goes to show how much of a survivor mosquitoes really are.

Ancestral mosquitoes were a sister group to Chaoboridae (biting midges) and have adapted and overcome millenniums of virtual extinction.

The mosquito has theoretically been around for more than 170 million years. Mosquitoes probably first evolved into the closest semblance of the creature they have become today in the Jurassic period sometime between 206 135 million years ago.

The earliest known fossil in existence is from the ending period of the Jurassic known as the Cretaceous period some 144 65 million years ago. At that time, the world was a very different looking place.

The world had no polar ice caps and the continents were all part of this giant landmass that was just then beginning to slowly break up into smaller pieces and move out.

In the land of Gondwana to the south, what we recognize as being South America today was already quite distinctly shaped, and it was on this piece of land that the mosquito first evolved to some three times its actual size with the proboscis (a snout for sipping nectars and juices) far shorter and wider than today.

It spread across the upper continent of Laurasia to the north and then back into the tropics again down into what later became Africa. Thus the mosquito thrives in all parts of the world today except Antarctica where it never spread.

Mosquitoes spread initially throughout the world by following animals and wildlife along their hunting and eating trajectories, but later found that the best place to thrive for them, were then and are now, wetlands.

Lakes, ponds, slow moving or shallow creeks and rivers as well as lagoons and swamps, make great places for mosquitoes to thrive.

The main reason is food supply, and that doesnt mean blood. In fact, neither do mosquitoes bite nor do they need blood to eat. Mosquitoes dont even open jaws to be able to bite, and only females need blood to become fertile.

Wetlands are complete with food for adult mosquitoes such as fruits, flowers and nectars.

For reproduction, there is an ample supply of still water for the mosquito eggs to hatch and become young larvae, which just love to eat microorganisms.

Females of course will find a large variety of mammals to extract blood, for when it is time to become fertile and lay eggs.

In the civilized world, mosquitoes became the object of detailed study ever since the human race first began cultivating crops.

In the western world, natural philosophy was first to coin names for mosquitoes some 2,500 years ago with Aristotle. Throughout the middle ages up till the Renaissance, the only discipline to really give them any thought was a branch of natural philosophy called botany.

But as humans take over the planet and destroy wetlands right and left, mosquitoes have no choice but to adapt to an ever-changing environment, which means learning to thrive in human spaces.

In the civilized world, where wetlands are scarce, old tires are plenty, still water of any kind can be found in abundance, such as that which is stopped up in badly kept gutters and drains or leaking faucets and hoses, wherever one inch deep of semi-still water can be found, female mosquitoes will migrate and lay eggs.

Humans, dogs, cats, birds, rodents and a variety of other animals, provide ready concentrates for females that need to become fertile and filled with blood for hosting eggs.

It really depends on the mosquito, but most are nocturnal and not all species will be found extracting blood from only one kind of animal.

One adaptable species such as the Aedes (the dengue transmitter) is diurnal, and females are not picky about the blood type or source, as long as it exhales carbon dioxide (CO2), is warm and can be smelled from up to 35 yards away, she will find it.

Thus disease is spread by mosquitoes through the sipping of one subject with an infection and the consequent sipping another subject without the infection.

This is because in sipping, the proboscis, will drop saliva and anti-coagulants onto the surface of the skin and then penetrate like a hypodermic needle until it reaches the blood stream.

The proboscis; which is scaled to reduce the contact with skin surfaces is not even felt by the host being attacked.

Thus saliva drops easily into the wound and comes in direct contact with the blood stream, and thereby acting as a carrier for evil microorganisms.

Some organisms that survive in mosquito saliva include the malaria parasite, filariasis worm (causes elephantiasis) and many viral diseases such as yellow fever, dengue fever, epidemic polyarthritis, West Nile virus.

When a arthropod such as mosquitoes or ticks carry viruses, those viruses are then reffered to as arboviruses. HIV and AIDS are NOT arboviruses, because they cannot survive in such harsh environs as saliva.

Swelling is caused by the immune systems antibodies which tend to react within 24hrs of a given sipping, popularly referred to as a mosquito bite.Swelling itself occurs because the immune response has broken capillary blood vessels and fluid begins to collect below the skin. Thus creating an itching and irritation.

As much of nuisance as mosquitoes have been to humans all throughout history, they are a part of our world and an integral member this ecosystem. As Humans destroy wetlands and invade nature, mosquitoes will semprafi, adapt and overcome.

Mosquito Magnet – Outstanding products to protect your family.

Mosquito Magnet Liberty Plus

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Mosquito Magnet Liberty Plus offers a cost effective alternative to reducing the neighboring blood thirsty insect population by one hundred percent within a whole acre around the trap itself.

Mosquito Magnet Liberty Plus uses the same quality technology that has made mosquito magnet such an interesting product, with the exception that the plus is a more cost effective design, using no more than some U$10 to U$12 dollars per month on propane fuel.

Propane is converted into CO2 with the use of a catalyst converter while Mosquito Magnet Liberty Plus has a hybrid energy supply system that makes it totally sustainable during a 21 day period, in which the propane must be filled, yet again.

Mosquito Magnet Liberty Plus uses an industrial grade solar panel that holds up well against the elements, and is made from furniture grade plastics creating a weather-resistant product.

NiHM rechargeable batteries, optional 12 volt system for use with the car battery, optional 50 foot extension cord that runs off of 8 amps/110 volts and octenol cartridges to attract reproducing female insects looking for blood are all a part of the intricate strategy to reduce mosquito population anywhere Mosquito Magnet Liberty Plus is found.

Mosquito Magnet Liberty Plus is an excellent option to save those beneficial insects, such as bees, fireflies, dragonflies, beetles, ladybugs, moths and butterflies from being trapped, as it only attracts those insects that are in search of blood for reproduction.

Bitting midges, biting gnats, black flies, sand flies, mosquitoes and even punkies are all prime prey for the Mosquito Magnet Liberty Plus.

Mosquito Magnet Liberty Plus will rid the area within one whole acre of the nuisance that blood thirsty mosquitoes propose, replenishing the wild with beneficial insects, targeting more clearly and efficiently.

Mosquito Magnet Liberty Plus is more reach for a wider range of defense against harmful insects, and freedom for humans to regain the great outdoors, either for fishing and camping in the woods or just lounging around the farm or backyard.

Mosquito Magnet Liberty

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Mosquito Magnet Liberty was designed specifically for those who have a very large yard or outdoor space that extends up to one acre in diameter, reducing the mosquito population in that range by 100 percent.

Mosquito Magnet Liberty has advanced diagnostics, is easily operated, intended for all-weather performance, has a large net capacity, wheels for easy mobility and a fifty foot low voltage cord that can easily by buried.

At 25 inches high by 18 inches wide and 33 inches deep, Mosquito Magnet Liberty can easily run off of a 12-volt power supply, comes with an Octenol cartridge and the propane that produces the CO2 need only be replaced once every 21 days.

Mosquito Magnet Liberty is an environmentally friendly mosquito trap that leaves mosquito predators like the dragonfly alone, while viciously targeting those bad news insects that use human blood for reproduction.

Eliminate the mosquito population near your home once and for all with the Mosquito Magnet Liberty, the next step to being in tune with Mother Nature.

Mosquito Magnet Defender

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When thinking of keeping the home free of unwanted blood-sucking insects, it would be difficult to imagine a better technology than Mosquito Magnet Defender specifically designed to work in an environmentally friendly way.

We all love the skill and grace of the illusionists of the sky, the beautiful dragonflies, Mother Natures ordained defenders against the ongoing growth of the mosquito population.

What a better way to protect this endangered species near our homes and open urban spaces than with the Mosquito Magnet Defender?

This ally against the deadly mosquito and other biting insects, will protect the dragonfly population near your home, helping to work on all fronts of this ongoing battlefield.

Mosquito Magnet Defender has a few different models, including the 4000MM series, which is more popular for its aesthetic and sleek new look.

Easily assembled in three simple steps, Mosquito Magnet Defender uses a fifty foot extension cord that is easily buried and a natural gas tank filled with CO2 to mimic human exhaling, the main factor in attracting mosquitoes viagra 20mg.

There is little maintenance on Mosquito Magnet Defender; just the occasional emptying of the net and ever 21 days, refilling the CO2 tank.

At 25 inches by 18 inches by 33 inches, Mosquito Magnet Defender can cover up to half an acres worth of safe area, beyond this, it is only no more than the occasional mosquito trap.

Consuming as little as a 12 volt battery could afford, Mosquito Magnet Defender is a remarkable piece of equipment, that takes mother natures own defense system into order, creating a powerful trap for the surround area.

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Professional Garment Steamer

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Quick Steam Steamer is a fast and professional garment steamer manufactured by Steam Fast, removing odors and wrinkles from household fabrics with fresh water and intense heat.

This fast, professional garment steamer has a 1.5 gallon tank capacity, uses 1500 watts of penetrating electricity (producing healthy steam) and will steam for two whole hours.

The water refills automatically on this Steam Fast professional garment steamer, has an auto shut-off safety feature and includes three accessories (fabric brush, lint remover and replaceable water filter).

Quick Steam Steamer has a two-year warranty inside the US (30 days outside the US parts and labor).

An additional 14-piece accessory kit is available that includes a jet nozzle, scrub pad, steam cleaning hose, triangle brush, floor brush, brass brush, 2 extension wands and a squeegee.

Quick Steam Steamer (model number SF-465) is a reliable way to take care of draperies, upholsteries, suites, garments and other apparel, removing wrinkles and odors five times faster than with an iron.

The telescopic pole holds clothes in an upright position so there is no iron board unfolding, this hand-held nozzle steamer cleans fabrics in a hanging position.

Measuring 21.5 x 13.6 x 10.8 and weighing 17.6 lbs, this Steam Fast professional garment steamer ships at 19 pounds.

Quick Steam Steamer will shut off automatically and the tank provides two full hours of steam for the lightweight, 60 hose (insulated to provide more heat) to steam while conserving energy.

Steam Fast has developed Quick Steam Steamer, a professional garment steamer that you can use right in the comfort of your own home on drapes, bed spreads, clothes and fabrics to remove odors a wrinkles in seconds.

Strathwood Adjustable Recliner

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Strathwood Adjustable Recliner is a foldable patio recliner that was designed to provide zero stress on the body joints and spine, allowing muscles to fully dissipate tension with a floating-like sensation.

Taking a moment to just relax out on the patio by yourself or with friends is one of the more therapeutic health managements strategies available today, both for its practicality and its simplicity.

Strathwood Adjustable Recliner offers that moment with a healthier recliner that meets the needs of todays American, eliminating stress in those areas of our body that take the worst beating (our joints) and distributing it all along the surface of the body creating a floating-like sensation.

Far less work than building your own float-tank, going to the spa or rigging yourself a scuba mask to spend time under water in the pool, Strathwood Adjustable Recliner is simple, straightforward, to the point and most of all, will hold up year after year.

The elastic suspension anti-gravity system is laced around the frame to allow flexibility and comfort that conforms to the body weight.

The arms adjust and lock into place to provide a range of reclining positions (including almost fully laying down), elevating legs or body as desired (a removable pillow allows for lumbar or headrest support as well.

The seat construction is made of Textilene (polyester fibers coated with resin); an all weather product that resists the elements year after year without any wear or tear and an aluminum body frame that resists both corrosion and rust.

Measuring 63.7 x 26.8 x 29.3, shipping at 22 lbs and resisting a weight load of up to 250 lbs, this bronze, black, gray and champagne colored reclining outdoor patio chair is more than meets the eye; relaxation, better health and durability in one.

Strathwood Adjustable Recliner holds up to sun, rain, rust and staining, while keeping in style year after year and providing an anti-gravity zero-stress sensation of relaxation to the bodys joints and spine that feel as if one were almost floating in the ocean.

Strathwood Adjustable Recliner is the perfect meditation and relaxation reclining chair for your patio all-year round, year after year, one precious moment at a time.

Sanyo Electric Rice Cooker

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This Electric Rice Cooker and Steamer by Sanyo will cook up to ten cups of Japanese rice as well as any other kind of rice, it has a slow cook function especially for soups, stews, porridge and fresh vegetables (w/steamer); keeping food warm automatically after cooking.

This white electric rice cooker and steamer (model number ECJ-N100W) by Sanyo has one touch controls, a porridge lid (to prevent boiling over) and a slow cooking function that is easy to use (detailed instruction manual included).

This model comes with two menu selections for cooking foods, steam tray, non-stick inner pot, removable steam vent/dew collector, convenient carrying handle, measuring cup, non-stick spatula, spatula holder and multi-language instructions.

This particular model is the traditional addition to any Japanese kitchen, from a Japanese company with an eye for excellence, looking to make the world a better place with energy saving ideas in even our American kitchens.

Like all products made by Sanyo, this electric rice cooker was made with the commitment to becoming an indispensable element in the lives of household kitchens all over the world.

Products that create harmony between the people and the environment are key to the Sanyo corporate philosophy and one of its main priorities along with customer satisfaction.

Products like this Sanyo Electric Rice Cooker offer a more enjoyable life, through digital technology, core competence and the impact of cooking in a more energy efficient and healthy way.

This Sanyo electric rice cooker is not only an easy way to make rice, vegetables, soups and porridges, but a more energy efficient one that can help save our nations energy in a time of much need

OXO Salad Spinner

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This one handed, single push Salad Spinner from Oxo is part of the Good Grips line up and is used for rinsing, drying and storing lettuce and other greens, providing cleaner and tastier salads that prepare faster than doing it by hand.

Rinsing salad, then waiting for it to dry, or using a paper towel, can be a manual chore, but Oxo Salad Spinner makes it fun, with a whirling push-button spinning-toplike function that makes drying really kool-looking and at the same time efficiently offering a tastier salad.

Dry salads will allow the dressing to adhere to the leaves far better, as well as oils and juices, which makes Salad Spinner an extremely useful item for the household looking to eat right every day, without all the time consuming salad preparation.

Measuring 10″ x 10″ x 7.125″ inches and weighing 2 lb. 5 oz., the Oxo Good Grips Salad Spinner has a simple press button non-slip knob function to start the rinse basket filled with salad into a spinning motion drying it off quickly.

The basket is designed to stay rooted in place with a non-slip ring and built-in brake stop for easy one-handed operation.

The bowl can be used separately with a capacity of 6.22 quarts as well as the basket (4.95 quarts).

This top-rack dishwater safe Salad Spinner from OXO International, LTD (model number 32480) is part of the Good Grips product line and was made to offer soft, but sturdy grips, both for manual griping with the hands as well as the counter gripping design.

For washing and drying lettuce, herbs and other greens, with a plunge-style knob that locks down for tight refrigerator storage, this dishwater safe, top-rack Salad Spinner by Oxo will make a healthier and tastier salad that you and the whole family can enjoy

George Foreman Outdoor Grill

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The George Foreman Outdoor Grill is an electric barbecue grill with a domed lid and 17.5 inch diameter cooking space.

This electric barbecue from George Foreman (product number GGR50B) has 240 sq. in. of surface to grill on, a center channel for draining fat into a large grease tray, a non-stick cooking surface, an immersible (probe removed), a steam adjustment on the domed lid, a temperature control, cool-touch handle and uses as little as 1600 watts, the base can even be removed for cooking on a pedestal.

The sloping grate base draws fat away from the food to be easily collected and emptied for either indoor or outdoor use.

This electric George Foreman grill only takes five minutes to heat, eliminating the need to burn precious fossil fuels.

If used on a pedestal instead of on the base, this electric barbecue stands only half a foot tall for a no-fuss meat, fish and veggie quick grill that is effective and good for the atmosphere.

Available in chrome or black this barbecue stands at 19.65H x 10.8W x 18.5D and weighs 23.2 lbs, shipping however at 25 lbs.

Plus: It’s an electric grill that eliminates CO2 emissions without giving up powerful barbecue cooking!

George Foreman Indoor/Outdoor Grill with domed lid is all aboutmaking sure that we as a community can provide solutions for a better, more sustainable tomorrow for the nation of our children.

Eureka Bitterroot Six Person Dome Tent

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The Bitterroot is a six person dome tent made by Eureka, designed to provide more space for families and groups camping in summer.

New: Latest 6 Person Dome Tent by Eureka Twister below:

The Bitterroot dome tent is made by one of the most reliable names in the outdoor industry with a 7 foot high center and 11 by 11 feet of ground space, the dome design giving it the impression of being larger on the inside and smaller on the outside.

A total of 121 square feet, Bitterroot will fit two queen-sized airbeds side by side, and should prove more than comfortable with extra leg-room for 4 adults or 6 children.

This simple assembly is really fast with two people and comes with shock-corded fiberglass poles and a ring/pin system weighing a total of 25 pounds.

Be sure that eitherone person just carries the Bitterroot or you are moving around in a vehicle, because 25 pounds is about all a person is going to hike around with for any given distance, unless they are intentionally putting on extra pack-weight for sports endurance.

This is more of a summer tent, (great for keeping flying bugs and crawling critters away) but it should hold up in late spring or really early fall as well.

Heavy winds and heavy rains are going to really damage this thing though, so the more punishment you put it through the faster it will need to be replaced, but if well kept, and used properly, this tent could be with your family for a whole generation.

If you are taking an outdoor road trip down Route 66 with the family, or camping with the Scouts, Eureka Bitterroot six person dome tent is spacious, made from durable quality that will hold up through three seasons, keep you free from mosquitoes and most importantly; keep you dry if properly used.

Eureka Bitterroot Six Person Dome Tent is the thing for your family vacation this summer, a spacious design that keeps insects out and your family dry.

Upside Down Tomato Planter

Posted in Planters by admin on May 16, 2007.

The Topsy Turvy is an upside down tomato planter that is suspended in the air (usually at waist level) to conserve space, avoid soil born pests (for a healthier crop) and avoid all the bending and kneeling that comes with ground plants.

Topsy Turvy is not just a tomato planter, it will grow any rooted plant, including champion flowers, with all the advantages that come with being suspended in air, raising especially healthier plants in smaller spaces.

Have your own hanging gardens of Babylon anywhere you can secure a hook and enough sunlight, and Topsy Turvy will do the rest, fascinating guests and providing a sustainable crop from which you and your family can live more sustainably.

Felknor Ventures developed the Topsy Turvy as a tomato planter to avoid cutworms, ground insects, ground fungus, kneeling, stooping, digging holes, stakes, cages, tie ups, weed pulling and getting the hands all dirty; just feed, water, harvest and trim.

Topsy Turvy will hang from the patio, balcony, terrace, tree or any solid 2×4, allowing fresh vine ripened tomatoes to grow downward freely and achieve champion sizes all season long.

Measuring 11 x 4 x 11 inches and weighing only one pound; Topsy Turvy is an upside down tomato planter that is smarter, better and an easier way to grow tomatoes, watering and fertilizing from the top in spaces that couldnt possibly hold a garden, even in apartments or small backyards.

Trim and harvest your tomatoes at chest height with Topsy Turvy; upside down tomato planter that makes it a whole lot easier to achieve fresh healthy and organically grown tomatoes in your own home, no matter where you live, you can grow tomatoes more sustainably.

Childs Sun Shirt

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Protect-a-Bub is a childs sun shirt with shorts that is UV sun protective and available in navy blue with yellow trim as a two-piece swimsuit.

Rated at UPF 50+ with 98% ultraviolet protection, Protect-a-Bub swim suitwill keep your infant safe from the harmful rays of the sun with this two piece swim suit that is made of a soft, breathable polyester based polymade fabric that is comfortable and long lasting.

No lycra based fabric is used in this two-piece swimsuit for toddlers, so it holds up well even against the surf, chlorine and the sun.

This adorable pair of shorts and shirt make diaper changing easy and can be used all day long for fun in the sun and water, bringing life back into our summer without worries.

Shipping at two pounds, Protect-a-Bub childs sun shirt and shorts are UV sun protective and recommended by the Cancer Association of Australia for the world-wide protection of children from irreparable sun damage.

The time to change our ways is here, and we can start by using clothing that will protect our children from the errors of the 20th century today; offering a childs sun shirt to your baby is one way to start repairing the damage, right now!

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Womens Sun Shirt

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NoZone has a great womens sun shirt that is UV sun protective and in different models and fashions that were all designed to protect you from the harmful ultraviolet rays of our sun without losing any of the outdoor fun the hot summer weather provides.

These unique double-sided garments come in a range of sizes, colors and models, all of which are made from a tightly woven mesh construction that is simultaneously lightweight, breathable and quick dying.

Superior softness, that is cool and comfortable to keep the wearer dry with the highest degree of ultraviolet protection (98%), easily cleaned in a washer and dryer safe.

Activex fabric is a versatile wicking fabric for casual wear as well as rigorous outdoor activities such as golfing, hiking, running, cycling, sailing, rowing or anything that demands a lot of energy; keeping you feeling fresh.

While remembering that our planet is facing a dangerous time with the expending ozone layer, you can still have fun in the sun with the proper protection and these long sleeve womens sun shirts by NoZone are UV sun protective, perfect for keeping in harmony with nature in todays new world order.

Ripstik Caster Board

Posted in Outdoor Sports by admin on May 14, 2007.

Ripstik Caster Board was designed for snowboarding-like action on the street, a snowboard/skateboard hybrid that enables snowboard like curves on smooth, skateboard surfaces. You rip this stick!

The ultimate in downhill skateboarding, Ripstik Caster Board is a snowboard on paved slopes. Ever felt the gush of wind in your face as your adrenaline was pumping while speed is kicking in? Your board is going faster and faster without breaks down pristine peaks of unending white snow…then suddenly, summer arrives

In summer, snowboarders get out their skateboards, and it just isnt the same feeling. Ripstik Caster Board does what the first skate boards offered surfers in the off season, a way to get close to that same feeling of adrenaline, on the asphalt.

This sleek performer comes with a pivoting deck, 360-degree caster trucks, spiked traction pads, kick tail and nose, concave deck design, 76mm polyurethane wheels and precision ABEC-5 bearing casters to put up with far higher pressures than skateboard bearings ever handle.

Supporting up to 220 pounds, for children 8 years of age and up, it is important that you use protection with Ripstik Caster Board, especially around the palms, knees, elbows and head, as it will allow your body to stay healthier longer, with less risks from injury.

In the end, how much protection you use is a personal choice that each person needs to make on their own, but as any expert in adrenaline sports will tell you, you only get one pair of knees, and recovery takes longer as youget older, so be nice to your body, please.

The smarter kids will protect themselves while still having fun, the not so smart kids on the other hand, will probably spend most of their time getting hurt instead of getting those adrenaline rushes, and where is the fun in getting hurt?

Ripstik Caster Board comes with a how-to-ride DVD that will make it faster to learn, and start carving up those downhill slopes in the city, in fact, the carving motion propels the Ripstik forward even uphill or on level surfaces as needed.

Measuring 33.5″ long x 10″ wide and weighing 8 lbs, Ripstik Caster Board comes with a 90-day warranty and should always be used with proper protection to avoid unnecessary injury (wear helmet and pads for safety, please).

Snowboard in summer on the asphalt with Ripstik Caster Board, the latest in downhill skateboarding that gives you the feel of a snowboard.

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Unisex Water Shirt

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The Rash Guard Water Shirt has special UV sun protection from SunGrubbies and is a unisex model that fits like a second skin on either men or women due to its cut and stretching abilities.

Stretching in four directions this Water Shirt dries quickly and is not recommended for chemically treated water, but rather should be hand washed.

This imported model comes in three makes, 50% UPF/98% UV block (silver, black and royal), 15 UPF/93% UV block (white) and nylon/spandex, all solid colors made specifically as UV protection swimwear.

When choosing your Rash Guard Water Shirt, the most important thing is your weight rather than measurements as it is cut larger in the shoulders than in the hips and will conform to the body of either men or women according to how much they weigh.

Solid black and solid blue are the only two colors available in all sizes, solid red is only available in XS and L, White is available in XS, L and 3XL, while silver is available in XS, S, M, L, 2XL and 3XL only.

This lightweight Rash Guard WaterShirt provides both a critical barrier from the suns harmful ultraviolet rays and keeps you comfortable on a hot day, perfect for swimming pools, lakes, boating, surfing, any watersports or just hanging out with friends.

The technology that developed The Rash Guard WaterShirt was made to protect us from our most sustainable source of energy and yet still reaping the benefits; of our planets sun.

Looking for long sleeve sun shirts?

Mens Long Sleeve Sun Shirt

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This Mens Long Sleeve Sun Shirt from NoZone and others is UV sun protective and designed as a swim shirt that is at the same time both fashionable and practical.

With renewed inertest in the sun and its affects on the human organism, everyone is seeing the sense in being ecologically correct, and getting themselves protected in what used to be only a professional and athletic product, but with UV sun protective clothing like those sold by NoZone, everyone in the family can be prepared to cross the desert on foot.

NoZone clothes will keep you and your family well protected in the summer months, both from the heat and the rays of the sun themselves that carry ever more dangerous amounts of ultraviolet.

Style, protection from the sun and comfort are all a part of this swim shirt that comes with a UPF 50+ rating (the highest offered, blocking out something like 98% of the UV rays) and is used by athletes across the US over to displacing unwanted sunlight and heat, keeping the fabric fresh, cool and dry all the time.

Highly resistant to chlorine, low water absorption, quick drying, washer safe, fade resistant with a formidable layer of Outdoortec fabric that has neither spandex nor rubber (which can be affected by heat and chlorine).

Rated by the worlds leading solar radiation testing laboratory, the ARP and NSA, all Outdoortec products are excellent for water sports (such as boating, snorkeling, surfing and swimming), and will endure the passage of time, as normal clothes should.

The longer-lasting colors and cool, comfortable movement offer the body the freedom of restrictions and the overall body temperature down.

Available in small, medium, large, x-large and xx-large with Navy Royal and Yellow Navy for colour options, this men’s long sleeve sun shirt is one of the best UV protective swimming shirts made by NoZone.

Mens Sun Shirt

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Mens Sun Shirt is UV sun protective, with the highest possible rating, UPF 50+ developed with a double sided mesh that is easy to wash, breathable, lightweight and quick drying.

Comfortable softness that keeps the wearer dry with a double-sided mesh of Activex (wicking stretch fabric designed for outdoor activities providing 98% effectiveness against the suns harmful rays.

Running, golfing, rowing, hiking, cycling or even sailing; any activity where your body exerts extra energy, NoZones Mens Sun Shirt can really make a difference, keeping both the body temperature down and the skin well protected.

Stylish designs and protective fabric in one design that comes with a hands-on approach that ensures only the finest quality materials, NoZone has one eye on the future and one eye in what works today.

From the zipper chosen to the quality of elasticized threads, the sewing team has state-of-the-art machines with a four-thread stitching method that can make all products virtually indestructible.

Available in small, medium, large, X-Large, XX-large and in a variety of colors including black, white gold and navy royal Mens Sun Shirts from NoZone make the perfect item for places as extreme as Death Valley, the Sahara and the Mongolian desert or as peaceful as your own garden.

Mens Sun Shirts stop those powerful UV rays protecting your well-being as well as your skin, out on the dunes.

Black and Decker Air Station

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Black and Decker Air Station is a compact air inflator that makes quick work of inflatable tires, sports balls, mattresses, bicycles, boats and anything that requires standard tire nozzle inflation, needle inflation or an extension nozzle up to 200 psi.

Automatically shutting off at the desired air pressure Black and Decker ASI300 Air Station Inflator has a two-year manufacturer warranty and will work on any available 120-volt outlets or even the cigarette lighter to a 12-volt battery, perfect for outdoors sportsman.

Inflatable lawnmower wheels, sleeping pads for camping, tents, rafts, canoes, kayaks or anything that is inflatable up to 200psi; Air Station is compact and fits snuggly in small spaces, from under the boat or car seat to the tool shed or garage and weighs only six pounds.

Black and Decker Air Station inflator will save you breath and trips to the gas station, especially when there isnt one around, holding true to the legacy has always been about self-reliance for the proud American Citizen of today, with one eye on the future.

Black and Decker 9 to 18 Volt Charger

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Black and Decker 9 to 18 Volt Charger is a computerized battery charger for cordless hardware tools (9.6-volt, 12-volt, 14.4-volt and 18-volt) that will optimize battery charging time to as little as 90 minutes.

The chargers that come with Black and Decker cordless tools normally take up to three hours to recharge, but this lighting speed battery cell charger enables you to keep on working without all the waiting around.

If you have multiple batteries that fit your tool, this can make all the difference, especially while one is being used and the other is charging; you can even manage to work virtually non-stop for hours at a time, with nothing more than a periodic return to the garage in order to refuelyour power source.

This is the best part about using cordless equipment; sustainability. Getting rid of those nasty CO2 emissions that harm our Nations natural environment is all about using fuel sources that are renewable and this is part of the vision.

Renewable, powerful, clean and trustworthy are the words that best describe the FSMVC Fast Battery Charger by Black & Decker that will replenish all the major cordless tools B and D produces in less than 90 minutes while protecting Mother Nature and getting the job done efficiently.

Black & Decker 9 to 18 Volt Charger was designed to make all cordless power tools powerful, practical, sensible and most importantly; an honorable endevour.

The Barefoot Contessa Cookbook

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The Barefoot Contessa Cookbook was developed for those of you who already know the basics of cooking, but would also like to entertain as if you had an army of five-star catering chefs on call; adding in all the glamour that goes with high-class bed and breakfast perfection.

The Barefoot Contessa Cookbook uses methods that can be traced as far back as the medieval art of alchemy, transforming the average household cook into a master chef with methods that are so simple, clear-cut and precise that the heart pumps with inspiration at the end of every page; almost turning coal into gold with but a single thought!

This 256 page hard cover written by the famous Ina Garten and Martha Stewart was published in 1999 by Clarkson Poter and still remains a classic for gourmet recipes that average cooks look to for quick and easy perfection without all the years of culinary school.

From choosing vegetables and spices at the farmers market, to the exquisite décor of a single plate, Garten and Stewart have prepared a manual of know-how that comes from years of experience in the field.

Measuring 10.5 x 7.7 x 0.8 inches and shipping at 2.4 lbs, Ina Garten will entice your passions for the ancient art of cooking through illustrations, anecdotes and knowledge that bridge the very sands of time themselves.

Entertaining easily with enriching plates that seem to have been made by a catering service, bring Ina Garten and Martha Stewarts expertise from the Food Network into your kitchen with The Barefoot Contessa Cookbook.

The Barefoot Contessa Cookbook lifts the aroma of medieval passions into the modern art of the here and now, just for you.

Makita Electric Chain Saw

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Makita Electric Chain Saw model number UC4000 has a 13 amp electric motor with the same power and torque any other 16 inch gas powered blade from Makita has; but 100% ecologically friendly; thats right, no more CO2 emissions!

This electric chain saw comes with a safety brake, inline motor with direct drive, automatic oiler, large trigger switch, double insulated hard plastic body with radio interference suppression, saw, chain, guide bar, chain cover and universal wrench.

Makita has proven itself over the years to be trustworthy and deserving of our Nations respect and this is one more example.

Measuring 34,5 long, weighing 9 lbs and with a one-year warranty, you can be sure that this is an electric chain saw that will be handed down to your childrens children as if it were just off the shelf.

By using an extension cord of up to 100 feet, you can get the most out of this environmentally correct Makita chain saw that takes CO2 emissions to zero and still know that you are going to get the job done efficiently, while doing a good deed for the environment as well.

Shipping at 13.2 pounds, this lightweight titan of power will cut through even the hardest of woods without regret, making one proud of clean energy and astonished at the strength of an electric chain saw.

Makita Electric Chain Saw is tried and tested equipment with sustainable fuel sources that our planet needs to recover from global warming; one step further along the path of trust, both for Makita and for our America.

Black and Decker 18-Volt Cordless Pole Chain Saw

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Black and Decker 18-Volt Cordless Pole Chain Saw is an automatic tree pruner that extends 14 feet up, cutting branches between one and a half inches up to six inches thick.

This is B and D bar number NPP2018, made with a durable plastic handle, 18-volt Ni-Cad rechargeable battery, weighing a total of 7.6 pounds and measuring a total of 115-inches when compressed.

Saw, extension, battery, charger (3-4 hours charging time for a full charge), scabbard (with tool bag), oil bottle and wrench are all included with this cordless pole chain saw by Black and Decker.

Keeping the blade manually oiled and the chain tight during usage are essential to quality cuts; if so kept, this pole pruner can cut up to 100 branches (1-1/2 inches in diameter) on a single charge.

Ecologically correct with the freedom of movement that you need to be able to use anywhere, Black and Decker 18-Volt Cordless Pole Chain Saw eliminates those nasty CO2 emissions that the traditional gas powered polechain saws use without sacrificing any of the power.

With a two-year warranty, if you use the 2018 for up to 30 days and are not satisfied, you can get your money back as part of the Black and Decker trust.

Trust is what has brought Black and Decker all this way over the years and it is a brand name that Americans have come to depend on, this is no different with this Cordless Pole Chain Saw and its 18-volt rechargeable battery.

Black and Decker 18-Volt Cordless Pole Chain Saw has all the trustworthy durability that has made B and D famous, blended with sustainable technologies that our nations future depends on.

Pruning your trees with environmentally friendly and clean chain saw power without a ladder makes Black & Decker 18-volt cordless pole chains saw the choice of do-it-yourselfers that know quality.

EarthBox Garden Kit

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EarthBox Garden Kit is the perfect thing for those looking to raise crops in cramped spaces, both indoors and outdoors alike, making our way of life more sustainable.

EarthBox Garden Kit was developed as a more efficient way to control soil conditions, doubling yields, eliminating guesswork, using less water, less fertilizer and less over all maintenance.

Commercial farmers looking to raise healthier vegetables, flowers and herbs, developed the Earth Box Garden Kit, tried it, tested it in the laboratory and discovered that with smaller, portable boxes that store their own water underground, the fertilizer can be equally distributed throughout the crop naturally.

EarthBox uses a thin layer of black plastic tarping as a lid that doubly serves as mulch and automatically condensates escaping water vapor back down onto the soil, conserving both water and the growing season by protecting the plants from the wind while capturing the warmth from the sun.

EarthBox Garden Kit never gets too full, as the roots will always search out the water they need, and leach out the fertilizer directly from the reservoir instead of from around the roots.

If wheels are used to move EarthBox around from inside the house at night and outside during the day when the sun is shining, you can plant earlier and harvest later, doubling yields!

For people who want to plant their own herbs, vegetables and flowers right at home for a more sustainable way of life, eating from ones own garden, but find their spaces limited, EarthBox Garden Kit could be just the solution you have been looking for, allowing you to get twice the food from half the traditional space.

Measuring 30 x 15 x 12 inches and shipping at 10 lbs, EarthBox Garden Kit makes planting a complete and simple experience that only needs to be done once a season, only adding water on occasion.

EarthBox Garden Kit is perfect for educating children, novice gardeners and anyone looking to have a do-it-yourself sustainable garden for themselves and the whole family, right at home.

Earthbox Instructions
Make your own Earth Box
The Growing Connection – is a grassroots project.

Char-Broil Patio Caddie Gas Grill

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Patio Caddie gas grill by Char-Broil has wheels for easily moving around on the deck of your gazebo while cooking or serving without any extension cords or charcoal dust to worry about.

The liquid propane tank sits on the under carriage for better maneuverability and the 187 square inch porcelain grate makes for a professional cooking surface for the finest or humblest cuisines.

At 10,000 BTU, this push button ignition gas grill from Char-Broil comes with a temperature gauge, uses an 11.5 lb 20 lb liquid propane tank and will fit snuggly into even the tightest corners of your shed or garage.

For higher performance, the wide base design, easy rolling wheels, rust resistant porcelain steel top, porcelain bottom, thermostatic handles and Thermsulate lining have allowed Char-Broil Patio Caddie to give long lasting performance season after season for years.

Measuring 22 x 16.75 x 44 and weighing 52 lbs, Patio Caddie gas grill has a lifetime warranty ships at as little as 34 lbs.

Char-Broil Patio Caddie Gas Grill gives you the easy maneuverability that you need out in the gazebo, with the self-sufficiency of liquid propane that allows you the freedom to cook right next to the picnic tables as needed.

Sunset Western Garden Book

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Western Garden Book is a gardening encyclopedia from Sunset magazine that explains everything the gardener needs to know about over 8,000 plant listings inhabiting the Western United states, including Hawaii, Alaska and even Western Canada.

This 768 easy to find your way gardening manual is considered by the publisher Sunset Books to be the gardeners Bible for western climates as it now finds itself in the eighth edition, both hardcover and paperback available.

With now 500 new plants, 30-plant selection guides, more than 70 years of advice, easy to follow diagrams and filled to the brim with encyclopedic knowledge, The Western Garden Book by Sunset is a great way to get deep into garden possibilities for those living in thisfabulous American environment.

Shipping at 4.3 lbs, the hardback measures 11 x 8.6 x 1.7 inches and offers practical information on the plants you want in your western garden exactly when you need it the most.

For easy access information a gardening encyclopedia with large photos and precise advice, The Western Garden Book from Sunset offers more than 8,000 plant listings and climate specific sections.

Sunset Western Garden Book helps transform the passion of your garden into a work of art.

Martha Stewart’s Homekeeping Handbook

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Have you ever seen Queer Eye for the Straight Guy?? Martha Stewarts Homekeeping Handbook is, maybe not as funny, but it is for sure the must have book for anyone that wants a well kept and beautifully organized home.

Do you go crazy trying to figure out which product is right for the different surfaces you want to clean?

Do you feel that you dont have all the time in the world to clean and organize your home? Moreover, you want do it in a way that it stays organized and clean and you can enjoy life.

Martha Stewarts Homekeeping Handbook makes it possible in 752 elegantly illustrated pages(product dimensions: 9.3 x 8.2 x 7.5 inches), published by Clarkson Potter.

This is the kind of book that should stay always at hand, and at the same time it will be slowly less and less looked up because the magic happens: your home is well kept! And it is kept just as well organized.

You will find tips on how to organize each room and also tips on the common utensils usually found in the respective rooms. Sometimes the information may seem too obvious (like keeping the more used utensils at hand!) but believe me, take a quick glance at your kitchen right now, aha! Not so simple, huh?

Well, Martha Stewarts Homekeeping Handbook will help you turn theory into reality, and your home will thank you, and you will enjoy the company of your family and friends more.

Martha Stewarts Homekeeping Handbook can help take theory into reality, right in your own home through practical organization that works.

All New Square Foot Gardening

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All New Square Foot Gardening tells the secret to getting the same production out of as little as 20% of the traditional garden space, by using square foot planter boxes that eliminate the need for rows, tilling or soil testing.

All New Square Foot Gardening is an illustrated update paperback of 272 pages by Mel Bartholomew, the same author of Square Foot Gardening (1982).

Published by Cool Springs Press in February of 2006, Bartholomews All New Square Foot Gardening measures 9.9 x 7 x 0.8 inches and ships at 1.3 pounds.

The perfect gardening method for those looking to garden smarter, with novices, children or even adults with mobility challenges; this is a do-it-yourself classic with now an extra thirty years of updated experience.

Ten improvements are included, new location, new direction, new soil, new depth, no fertilizer, new boxes, new aisles, new grids, new seed saving ideas and tabletop gardens that make square foot gardening ten times smarter with ten times less work.

This wonderful space saving manual shows how putting the garden closer to your home can put the salads, spices and all purpose kitchen produce right in your yard.

Only ten minutes a day of work without any fertilizing extras, only six inches deep in build-them-yourself box planters that come with step by step photos and instructions that make All New Square Foot Gardening a must have manual for those interested in healthier living and self-reliance.

All New Square Foot Gardening makes it easy to garden large harvests of vegetables right in the comfort of your own backyard, even on the roof of your house if you lack space in your yard, All New Square Foot Gardening is a great gift item for those who enjoy green living.

Green This Green Cleaning

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Green This is about green cleaning, and shows ways that we can combat a dirty house with natural solutions instead of the harsh, industrialized chemicals our western society has come to depend upon.

Green This asks a simple question; Is the way we clean really good for us?

Green This offers to explain in summarized details how traditionally industrialized chemical products can cause harm to the human organism over longer periods of exposure and provides detailed alternatives to Green Cleaning that really work!

Deirdre Imus is the author of this 240-page paperback first published by Simon & Schuster in April of 2007.

Green This tells us of the harm we are really doing to our families and environment while at the same time, providing ways to Green your cleaning with environmentally responsible, non-toxic, more effective and cheaper alternatives to house cleaning.

Methods for cleaning every room in the house that are simple, everyday products to be aware of, the latest research on the toxic effect those everyday products have and a full resource list of widely available green cleaning products and retailers that measure just 8.1 x 6 x 0.6 inches and ship at 9.6 ounces.

Deirdre Imus is the author of Green This, streamlining testimonials, products and practices in order to live a greener life at home with Green Cleaning that works.

The Wild Trees

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The Wild Trees written by Richard Preston is a story of passion and daring that takes us away from the ancient art of rock climbing and into a new and incredible art called tree climbing in a celestial realm among the Titans or coral reefs of the sky; our nations great Californian Redwoods.

Most people climbed trees as children and many went on to become tree huggers as environmentalists in the last 30 years, some became professional outdoors enthusiasts, few became rock climbers but only a handful became professional tree climbers as adults, The Wild Trees is the story of those handful focused on the Californian Redwood Rainforest; one of Americas last and most ancient of native refuges.

Spectacular literature with images that depict what could very well be straight out of JRR Tolkiens Lothlorien, the elven forest of Queen Galadriel, The Wild Trees are incredible creatures, the largest individual organisms to ever exist on our planet, capable of surviving as long as anywhere from 2000 to 3000 years at the very least; so far, only the blade has been able to destroy these immortal giants.

The canopy of the Californian Redwood Rainforest is one of those places as of yet still untouched by our culture, a place where the animals know nothing of humans and their vast jungles of plexiglass concrete needles in heavens; The Wild Trees shows us a place where we are as strange to them as the quantum physics is to us.

Richard Preston calls the upper canopy of the Redwood forests a coral reef in the sky, and with reason, as they are a wondrous place with thriving forms of life and vegetation that all coexist in harmony with each other, completely oblivious to life on the ground.

The Wild Trees by Richard Preston tells the tale of how passionate biologists, climbers, environmentalists and a single journalist looking for something as far from writing as he could get as close to daring and surreal as possible.

The Wild Trees is a hardcover of 320 pages published by Random House on April 10thof 2007, measuring 9.2 x 6.3 x 1.3 inches and shipping at 1.2 pounds.

The Wild Trees is a story of people and nature, living as one, in harmony with the meaning and essence life itself.

Coleman Road Trip Grills

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Coleman Road Trip Grills will go wherever you go, looking for a barbecue and an adventure in the great outdoors; a passion that Coleman is determined to share with you through practical efficiency.

Coleman Road Trip Grills have a heritage that began with the GI Pocket Stove from World War II that fit itself into a canister the size of a thermos, the two parts of the canister serving as pans and a single wrench for a handle, stir spoon and flame adjuster all in one unique revolutionary package that spoke of AMERICA; land of the free!

Ingenuity, dependability and most of all, self-reliance, those are terms that suit the Road Trip Grills made by Coleman:

Road Trip Grills have come a long way since then, but that determined spirit of heroic adventure has only grown over the years, taking our nations families into the very bosom of Mother Nature herself; teaching us to live in harmony with the land.

Road Trip Grills are built smarter, they work harder and last longer; made to sempra-fi.

As with all Coleman products, Road Trip Grills have been put to the test to endure what ever it takes to make sure they will do the job they were meant to do under any conditions you might find including pitting dropping temperatures against all propane appliances.

That is the Coleman promise and it extends to Road Trip Grills such as the LXE (red).

The LXE is a 36 inch collapsible propane grill for home use or road trips alike, it will easily cook up to two whole steaks (285 sq. inches of cooking space) and fire out 10,000 BTU on straight burners.

The porcelain coated cast-iron grates that accompany all Road Trip Grills make certain that cleaning and using the grill will be just as easy year after year as it was the first time around.

With a five year warranty, Road Trip Grill LXE measures 36 x 22 x 13 inches while collapsed, wheels around just as easily as when unfolded and ships at 60 pounds.